22. The Lost Stories of Love is Blind: Season 2’s Haseeb Hussain
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Mon, August 21, 2023
Podchat Summary

Building Connections and Reflecting on Love Is Blind

In this episode, the hosts start by expressing their gratitude for the positive feedback they received from listeners about their previous episode on long-distance flings turning into successful relationships. They reflect on their own dating experiences and emphasize the importance of not leading people on if they are not genuinely interested.

The hosts also take a moment to appreciate the community they have built through the podcast and the different perspectives they have gained from listeners. They mention that they have ended their respective dating situations and are currently focusing on themselves.

Next, the hosts introduce Hasib Hussein, a participant from the popular reality show Love Is Blind. They discuss Hasib's background and career, and he shares how he got on the show and his initial thoughts about it.

Hasib reveals that he connected the most with Ayanna and discusses his overall experience on the show. He reflects on the limitations of the show's format and questions the validity of the experiment. The hosts and Hasib engage in a conversation about their own ranking systems and how they made decisions based on gut feelings and impressions.

They also talk about the assumptions and preconceived notions they had about the women on the other side of the pods. Hasib reveals that he did not have a connection with his final two and did not feel pressured to propose. He shares some surprising moments he experienced while watching the show and discusses the portrayal of certain cast members.

Hasib still keeps in touch with some of the Love Is Blind cast members, but he believes that his relationship with Shayne has soured as Shayne blocked him on Instagram. He also shares his thoughts on the motivations of some of the guys on the show, suggesting that fame and brand deals may have been driving factors for some.

The conversation then shifts to a discussion on trust and loyalty in relationships. Hasib and the host share their views on red flags, including partners wanting access to each other's phones and changing their minds about signing prenups.

As the episode comes to a close, the hosts wrap up with a closing statement for the podcast. They encourage listeners to send questions to their Instagram page and ask for reviews and subscriptions. They announce that the next episode will be released on the following Monday and end with a heartfelt goodbye message.

Original Show Notes
This week, Natalie and Deepti talk with with their Season 2 cast mate Haseeb Hussain. Haseeb spills the tea on what it was really like in the men’s lounge, which women were in high demand, and how he got catfished into coming on the show.

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