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Wed, July 26, 2023
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Episode Description: Dancing Challenges and Rehearsal Tips

In this episode, the host takes us behind the scenes of their participation in a puppet musical. Join them as they share their experiences and challenges with dancing and learning complex music.

The host begins by discussing the limited amount of dancing required in the show. They express their struggle with controlling their body and admit to lacking dance skills. Fortunately, the choreographer steps in to help improve the movements and steps for the entire cast.

Learning the music proves to be another hurdle for the host. They share their difficulty with complex harmonies and jumps in notes. To aid in their learning process, the host requests recordings of their specific singing parts.

As the rehearsals progress, the choreographer provides helpful tips for the host's turns during the dance routine. The host eagerly absorbs these suggestions, hoping to improve their dance skills and gain more control over their body.

During one rehearsal, the cast is introduced to intense dance steps. To aid in their practice, a video recording of the routine is promised. The host anxiously awaits this recording, as it will be a valuable tool for continuing their rehearsal and perfecting the dance routine.

Join the host on this journey of self-improvement and perseverance as they navigate the challenges of dancing and singing in a puppet musical. Tune in to gain insights into the rehearsal process and discover helpful tips for improving your own dance skills.

Original Show Notes

I can’t dance. Without a lot of practice. And even then.


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