Taylor and Soph on Breaking Up, 19 and Pregnant & Becoming TikTok Famous
The Unplanned Podcast with Matt & Abby
Wed, August 30, 2023
Podchat Summary

Taylor and Soph: From TikTok to Marriage and Beyond

Welcome to another episode of the Taylor and Soph podcast! In this episode, we take a deep dive into the incredible journey Taylor and Soph have been on since they started their TikTok journey in June 2022. From gaining over 4 million followers to getting engaged and married, there's so much to unpack.

A TikTok Journey

It all started when Taylor and Soph began their TikTok journey and quickly gained a massive following. Surprisingly, Taylor wasn't initially a social media person and didn't even have TikTok downloaded until they gained a significant following. As their popularity grew, they started making money through the TikTok Creator Fund and received offers from companies to work with them.

A Rollercoaster Relationship

But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Taylor and Soph. They faced challenges in their relationship, leading to a break of six to seven months due to tensions and toxicity. However, after a life-changing experience and finding solace in attending church, Taylor and Soph found their way back to each other. Their families initially had reservations about the breakup and reconciliation, but eventually supported their decision.

A Beautiful Proposal

Fast forward to November 2022, Taylor surprised Soph with a beautiful engagement ring that he designed with the help of Helzberg. The proposal took place during a Thanksgiving party at a church, leaving Soph completely unaware of what was coming. The couple got engaged at a work party, with the groom going all out by hiring an event planner and a video crew to capture the special moment.

From Engagement to Marriage

With a short engagement period of three months, Taylor and Soph tied the knot. The wedding day went smoothly, with only minor mishaps. However, their honeymoon took an unexpected turn when the bride lost her wedding ring, leading to their first fight as a married couple.

Looking Towards the Future

Despite the ups and downs, Taylor and Soph are enjoying their first year of marriage and have big ambitions for the future. They discuss their plans to open a dance studio and a gym, as well as their experiences during their honeymoon in Caraco. They also share their excitement about expecting a baby girl, although they haven't decided on a name yet. Taylor opens up about her heart condition, Wolf Parkinson White, and a recent health scare, revealing her plans to have a procedure after giving birth.

A Farewell and Gratitude

As the episode comes to a close, Taylor and Soph express their gratitude to their listeners for tuning in to the podcast. They announce that they will be taking a break from recording new episodes for a while but assure their fans that they will stay connected through social media and other platforms. Reflecting on their podcast journey, they share some of their favorite moments and episodes, leaving listeners excited for their future projects and endeavors.

Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Taylor and Soph podcast. Remember to keep spreading positivity, and as always, peace out, dudes!

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