The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Empire
The Town with Matthew Belloni
Thu, September 21, 2023
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The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty

Welcome to another episode of "The Big Picture"! In this episode, host Brian Rafter sits down with author and journalist Michael Wolfe to discuss his new book, "The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty." Get ready for an insightful conversation that delves into the inner workings of one of the most influential figures in global media, Rupert Murdoch, and the future of Fox News.

The Murdoch Dynasty and its Dislike for Trump

Michael Wolfe's book takes us on a journey through the past couple of years at Fox News and the larger Murdoch Empire. One of the key revelations is Murdoch's dislike for Donald Trump and his populist brand of conservative politics. Wolfe sheds light on this intriguing dynamic and its implications for the future of Fox News.

The Turbulent Years at Fox News

From the 2020 election lies to the Arizona call for Biden, the defamation settlement in the Dominion case, and the firing of Tucker Carlson, Wolfe's book provides a comprehensive account of the turbulent years at Fox News. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the events that have shaped the network and its reputation.

The Succession Battle and the Future of Fox News

One of the major focuses of Wolfe's book is the succession style jockeying amongst Murdoch's four children. Lachlan Murdoch, the current CEO of Fox, aims to maintain his position, while James Murdoch seeks to take over and transform Fox into a force for good. Elizabeth Murdoch tends to side with James, while Prudence Murdoch tends to side with the majority. The future of Fox News hangs in the balance as these power struggles unfold.

Rupert Murdoch's Attempts to Change Fox News

Wolfe's book explores Rupert Murdoch's attempts to change Fox News and the resistance he has faced from the network's audience and the profitability of the channel. Listeners will gain insights into Murdoch's state of mind, his health, and the potential end of Fox News as we know it.

The Implications for the Media Landscape

The potential end or diminishment of Fox News could have far-reaching implications for the media ecosystem in the US and around the world. As the podcast episode concludes, Rafter and Wolfe discuss the possibility of a fragmented conservative media landscape and the consequences it may have on the broader media landscape.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode of "The Big Picture" to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of Fox News, the Murdoch Dynasty, and the future of conservative media.

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Matt is joined by journalist Michael Wolff, author of ‘The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty,’ to talk about the state of play in the Murdoch family, what a post-Murdoch Fox News looks like, Murdoch’s distaste for Donald Trump, similarities between the 2020 and 2024 elections, what the future holds for the powerful media empire, and more. For a 20 percent discount on Matt’s Hollywood insider newsletter, ‘What I’m Hearing ...,’ click here. Email us your thoughts! Host: Matt Belloni Guest: Michael Wolff Producer: Craig Horlbeck and Jessie Lopez Theme Song: Devon Renaldo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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