How Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is Becoming the Most Successful in History
The Town with Matthew Belloni
Thu, June 29, 2023
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Taylor Swift's Concert Tour: A Potential Billion-Dollar Grossing Success

In this episode, the hosts delve into the current concert tour of pop sensation Taylor Swift, exploring its potential to become the first-ever billion-dollar grossing tour. They begin by comparing the current record holders, Elton John's farewell tour at $887 million and Ed Sheeran's tour at $776 million.

Taylor Swift's tour comprises an impressive 53 shows in the United States and 54 shows overseas. With an average ticket price of $215, the hosts estimate that she could be earning between $6 million to $13 million per show, depending on the city and venue.

Aside from ticket sales, the hosts also discuss other revenue streams for Taylor Swift, such as merchandise, sponsorships, and music sales and streaming. Nathan Hubbard, a former CEO of Ticketmaster, joins as a guest and estimates that Taylor Swift could potentially make between $300 million to $400 million from this tour alone.

The hosts also touch upon the devoted fan base of Taylor Swift and the impact of the secondary market on ticket prices. Despite the challenges posed by scalpers and resellers, they remain optimistic about the financial success of Taylor Swift's tour and its potential to reach the coveted billion-dollar milestone.

Join the hosts as they analyze the numbers, discuss the fan frenzy, and explore the various revenue streams that contribute to Taylor Swift's potential billion-dollar grossing tour.

Original Show Notes
Matt is joined by Nathan Hubbard—former CEO of Ticketmaster, current CEO of Firebird Music and Ringer podcaster—to discuss Taylor Swift’s world dominating Eras Tour and her path to achieving the first billion-dollar tour. They discuss how much money Taylor actually makes on this tour, why she isn’t releasing her weekly grosses, and whether or not she will reach that billion milestone and beyond. For a 20 percent discount on Matt’s Hollywood insider newsletter, ‘What I’m Hearing ...,’ click here. Email us your thoughts! Host: Matt Belloni Guest: Nathan Hubbard Producer: Craig Horlbeck and Jessie Lopez Theme Song: Devon Renaldo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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