What Will Bring Gen Z to Theaters?
The Town with Matthew Belloni
Fri, June 30, 2023
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Understanding Gen Z Movie Preferences and Behaviors

In this episode, Matthew Liebman, Chief Innovation and Data Officer at Vista Group, delves into the fascinating world of Gen Z moviegoers. With Gen Z representing a significant portion of the population and the moviegoing audience, it's crucial to understand their preferences and behaviors.

The Gen Z Moviegoer Landscape

Gen Z makes up approximately one in five Americans and one in five moviegoers. However, their cinema attendance patterns differ from previous generations, with Gen Z being more infrequent in their visits to the theater.

Furthermore, Gen Z is a more ethnically diverse group, with a noticeable decrease in white moviegoers and an increase in Latino and African American moviegoers. This shift in demographics has significant implications for the film industry.

Online Ticket Booking and Genre Preferences

Despite the booking fee, Gen Z is more willing to book movie tickets online. This preference for online ticketing highlights the importance of digital platforms in reaching and engaging with this audience.

When it comes to genres, certain types of films over-index with Gen Z. Horror, superhero, and animated films are particularly popular among this demographic. Understanding these genre preferences can help studios and theaters tailor their offerings to attract Gen Z audiences.

Moviegoing Habits and Strategies

Gen Z tends to flock to the cinema early, especially during opening weekends. However, their interest in a film often wanes quickly after the initial release. Building a lasting relationship with Gen Z through loyalty programs or subscriptions can help sustain their cinema attendance over time.

Creating an event-like atmosphere around films and launching viral marketing campaigns can also be effective in capturing the attention of Gen Z. These strategies tap into their desire for unique experiences and social media-worthy moments.

The Marvel vs. DC Divide and Comedy Films

Interestingly, Gen Z shows a stronger affinity for Marvel films compared to DC films. This preference highlights the importance of understanding the specific tastes and preferences of this generation when it comes to superhero franchises.

On the other hand, the appeal of comedy films to Gen Z remains uncertain, and more data is needed to fully understand their preferences in this genre.

Streaming Trends and Paramount Plus

In recent news, Paramount Plus made headlines with the cancellation and deletion of four shows from its service. This move aligns with a broader trend among streaming platforms to remove shows as a cost-saving measure. The implications of this trend for the streaming industry are explored in this episode.

Join Matthew Liebman as he dives deep into the world of Gen Z movie preferences and behaviors, providing valuable insights for industry professionals and movie enthusiasts alike.

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Matt is joined by Matthew Liebmann, the Chief Innovation and Data Officer at Vista Group, to discuss Gen Z’s relationship with going to the movies. Matthew talks about how much Gen Z is going to movie theaters these days, their favorite franchises and genres, the effect of marketing on moviegoing habits, and more. Matt finishes the show with a prediction about NBC’s streaming service Peacock. For a 20 percent discount on Matt’s Hollywood insider newsletter, ‘What I’m Hearing ...,’ click here. Email us your thoughts! thetown@spotify.com Host: Matt Belloni Guest: Matthew Liebmann Producer: Craig Horlbeck and Jessie Lopez Theme Song: Devon Renaldo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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