Procrastination Expert: How To Get Over The Procrastination Trap - Professor Fuschia M. Sirois
Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal
Wed, August 23, 2023
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Feel Good Productivity: Finding Joy in Your Work

Welcome to another episode of our podcast! Today, we have an exciting announcement to make. Our host has written a book called "Feel Good Productivity," and in this episode, he shares the central idea of the book. According to him, the secret to productivity lies in finding joy in your work. It's all about doing more of what matters in a way that feels enjoyable and sustainable.

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In this episode, we have a special guest, Professor Fuchsia Sirois, who is a world-leading expert on procrastination. Procrastination is defined as the unnecessary, voluntary delay of an intended task despite knowing there will be negative consequences. It is a common issue that affects both students and adults, leading to lower productivity, poorer academic performance, and negative physical and mental health effects.

Professor Sirois dives deep into the topic of procrastination, shedding light on its causes and potential solutions. She challenges the notion that procrastination is solely a lack of discipline or self-control, highlighting the role of impulsivity and emotions in driving this behavior. She emphasizes that addressing the underlying emotional factors is crucial for overcoming procrastination in the long term.

Throughout the episode, our host and Professor Sirois discuss various strategies for managing procrastination. They explore the emotional aspects of procrastination and how they can be addressed. Some key points include:

  • Procrastination is often driven by difficult emotions such as fear, sadness, and anxiety.
  • Uncertainty about a task can contribute to negative emotions and procrastination.
  • Getting clarity about the task and seeking help from others can reduce uncertainty and alleviate negative emotions.
  • Inertia, or the struggle to get started, can be overcome by taking small action steps and engaging positive emotions.
  • Creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment where people feel comfortable asking for help is essential.
  • Procrastination can also be a coping mechanism for dealing with other stressors in life, and it is important to be compassionate towards oneself and others who may be struggling with procrastination.
  • Discipline plays a role in overcoming procrastination by setting up habits and adhering to guidelines, but it should be combined with addressing the underlying emotional factors.

Professor Sirois also recommends her book "Procrastination: What It Is, Why It's a Problem, and What You Can Do About It" as a valuable resource for further exploration of the topic.

Throughout the episode, our host covers various other topics and discussions, providing valuable insights and practical advice. We encourage you to subscribe to our podcast to stay updated on future episodes.

Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you found this episode informative and inspiring. Remember, finding joy in your work is the key to feel-good productivity!

Farewell until the next episode!

Original Show Notes

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Picture this: you're sitting at your desk, ready to conquer that important task that you’ve been meaning to get around. But somehow you find ourself falling into the rabbit hole of Youtube videos or with a sudden urge to clean your house. Yep, we’ve all been caught by that monster of procrastination.
Although procrastination is such a common problem, we still have lots of misperceptions about it. We tend to think that procrastination is a time-management issue. But - as we’ll learn in today’s episode - procrastination is actually a little more complex.
By understanding the psychology nature of what procrastination is and why we procrastinate, we might be in a better place to reduce or even overcome procrastination.
My guest today is Dr. Fuschia Sirois, professor of psychology at Durham University. Before she came to the UK, Fuschia was a Canada Research Chair and the Co-ordinator of the multidisciplinary Psychological Health and Well-being Research cluster at Bishop’s University (2010-2015).
Dr Fuschia's interest stretch from self-regulation — exploring how we manage our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors — to their impact on our health and wellbeing.
Above all, Dr Fuschia is probably most well-known for her work on procrastination. Her recent book explores what procrastination is, why we procrastinate, and what we can do about it.
What I really admire about about Fuschia is that she believes in the power of psychological science as a tool to improve lives, and she has an uncanny ability to communicate these complex ideas in a way that is both engaging and easily comprehensible. Her work's been features in many news outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and the BBC.
I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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