EP. 34 - Mad Scientist YouTuber Risks His Life for Every Video | Louis Weisz [VIDEO]
The Karat Podcast
Wed, June 28, 2023
Podchat Summary

Creating Content and Embracing Life: A Maker's Journey

In this episode, Lewis Weiss takes us on a journey through his life as a maker and content creator. From feeling uncool in high school to finding his passion for making things with his hands, Lewis shares his experiences and insights into the world of YouTube and the challenges of expressing his creativity.

Starting his YouTube channel with acapella videos, Lewis was inspired by creators like Peter Hollens and John Cozart. He discusses his video on whether icicles are the perfect murder weapon, delving into the possibilities while ultimately concluding that there are easier methods.

One of the challenges Lewis faces is capturing his shower thoughts in video titles and thumbnails, but he continues to experiment and find ways to engage his audience. He also shares his interest in hosting events and his idea to bring back pumpkin chunking as a maker event.

Reflecting on the intelligence and street smarts of YouTube creators, Lewis highlights their ability to understand what people want to see. He also shares his background in basement engineering, learning from his dad and being resourceful in building things.

The stigma around working with your hands is discussed, as Lewis and the host talk about how it is often seen as a lesser skill. They emphasize the satisfaction and joy of being a maker and creating things.

The balance between what viewers want to see and what the creator wants to make is explored, along with the risks and challenges faced by makers. From physical danger to production risks, Lewis and the host discuss the importance of planning and mitigating risks in their videos.

They share some of their scariest moments while filming, including a wobbling jet bike and riding a duct tape boat down rapids. The excitement of coming up with new video ideas and the challenge of standing out in a crowded field are also discussed.

The hosts reflect on the evolution of their content and finding their unique brand as maker adventurers. They emphasize the importance of creating content that is easy to understand and appeals to a broad audience. They also touch on the value of effective communication, relatability, and the power of a strong thumbnail.

Throughout the episode, the hosts share personal experiences and examples from their own videos to highlight the importance of being true to oneself, embracing feedback, and finding a unique perspective or angle in content creation.

Join Lewis Weiss and the host as they dive into the world of making, exploring the challenges, joys, and lessons learned along the way.

Stay tuned for an episode filled with enthusiasm, joy, and a deep appreciation for life!

Original Show Notes

Louis Weisz always felt he never fit in, but his love for creating and building helped him establish the voice and confidence to create his channel.

Now, he shares his insane challenges with over 1 Million Subscribers. Taking the risk to bring extreme engineering and fun to another level. Join us for 36 Questions to Fall in Love with @trykarat cofounder @erictway and @Weisz! --- Check out Karat at https://www.trykarat.com/ Follow Karat at https://www.instagram.com/trykarat/ Follow Eric at https://www.instagram.com/erictway/ Follow Louis at


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