EP. 38 - Gymnastics Prodigy Overcame Intense Pressure Now Has 5M TikTok Followers | Elena Shinohara [VIDEO]
The Karat Podcast
Fri, July 28, 2023
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Elena Shinohara: From Rhythmic Gymnast to Social Media Creator

In this episode, we dive into the fascinating journey of Elena Shinohara, a former rhythmic gymnast turned social media creator. With over five million followers on TikTok, Elena shares her experiences and insights on her transition from competitive gymnastics to content creation.

Elena's passion for rhythmic gymnastics started at a young age, influenced by her mother's background in the sport. She found joy in playing with the equipment and soon began her own journey as a rhythmic gymnast. However, the path was not without its challenges.

As a gymnast, Elena faced immense pressure to maintain a certain weight and conform to societal standards. She opens up about the struggles she faced and the impact it had on her well-being. Eventually, Elena made the decision to retire from competitive gymnastics and focus on her online presence.

Now, Elena is determined to reach one million subscribers on YouTube and expand her content to showcase more of her personality. She shares her aspirations and the process of discovering who she is beyond rhythmic gymnastics. From exploring new hobbies like video gaming to reflecting on her own child potentially pursuing gymnastics, Elena navigates the complexities of her evolving identity.

Join us as we delve into Elena Shinohara's inspiring journey, exploring the highs and lows of her gymnastics career and the exciting world of social media creation.

Original Show Notes

At age 6, Elena Shinohara was a rhythmic gymnastics prodigy. She's a Junior Olympic Champion who overcame intense pressure from herself, her peers, and her family to compete. Today she has over 5M followers as a popular creator. Join her and @trykarat cofounder @erictway for 36 Questions to Fall in Love --- Check out Karat at https://www.trykarat.com/ Follow Karat at https://www.instagram.com/trykarat/ Follow Eric at https://www.instagram.com/erictway/ Follow Elena at @elenashinohara

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