EP. 41 - College Dropout to Fashion Icon | Frugal Aesthetic's Path to Winning [VIDEO]
The Karat Podcast
Tue, August 22, 2023
Podchat Summary

Taking a Risk and Finding Success: The Journey of Frugal Aesthetic

In this episode, we dive into the inspiring story of Christian Villanueva, better known as YouTuber Frugal Aesthetic. Christian made the bold decision to drop out of community college and pursue his passion for YouTube, even though he only had a thousand subscribers at the time.

Despite not having a clear plan, Christian knew he wanted to talk about fashion, a significant part of his life. He kept his YouTube venture a secret from friends and family, fearing their reactions and wanting to prove himself before sharing his success.

Christian's parents had high expectations for him, so he pretended to still be attending college. It wasn't until he showed them his first paycheck from a brand deal that they began to understand and support his career choice.

Throughout the episode, Christian emphasizes the role of luck in success and the importance of caring about the process rather than obsessing over the end result. He shares how his passion for fashion initially stemmed from a comedic perspective and creating content, rather than deep industry knowledge.

Frugal Aesthetic's YouTube channel aims to redefine fashion and encourage people to wear what they want, even if it goes against societal norms. Christian's style is influenced by various factors, including Western, Eastern, and Hawaiian influences.

Currently, Christian is embarking on a new chapter by starting his own clothing brand. He believes in embracing being "crazy" and constantly evolving and trying new things. For him, the most happiness and fulfillment come from the process of creating and the excitement of new ideas.

Join us as we explore the intersection of creativity and competition in Christian Villanueva's life. We discuss the value of being unique, finding alternative ways to win, and holding contradictory ideas. We also touch on dealing with hate and not letting it affect our creative vision. This conversation offers insights into the balance between creativity and competition and how it can lead to personal and professional growth.

Original Show Notes

Christian Villanueva never thought he’d win in life if he stayed in college. He skipped classes just to secretly create content. After dropping out and becoming broke -- splitting meatballs with his roommate to survive -- he started his channel as the infamous Frugal Aesthetic. With over 2M subscribers and multiple channels, he continues winning at life. Join Christian and @trykarat cofounder @erictway to learn more about Christian’s success. ---------- Check out Karat at https://www.trykarat.com/ and sign up for a Karat card at https://link.trykarat.com/signup-youtube Follow Karat at https://www.instagram.com/trykarat/ Follow Eric at https://www.instagram.com/erictway/ Follow Christian at @FrugalAesthetic ----------

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