'Arquiteto por profissão, poeta por vocação e matuto por convicção'
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Thu, September 7, 2023
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Jesse Irino: Embracing the Sertanejo Culture

Join us in this episode as we dive into the world of Jesse Irino, a multi-artist hailing from Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil. Jesse is a man of many talents, describing himself as an architect by profession, poet by vocation, and a true "matuto" at heart.

Growing up in the Brazilian countryside, Jesse found inspiration in the language and culture of the sertanejo people. He fondly recalls listening to radio programs that featured sertanejo music, which left a lasting impact on his artistic journey. Influenced by renowned artists like Marinês and Jackson do Pandeiro, Jesse incorporates the essence of sertanejo into his work.

Jesse's artistic repertoire includes poetry, storytelling, and music. On stage, he fully embraces the persona of a "matuto," captivating audiences with his vivid descriptions and attention to detail. His performances are a true celebration of the sertanejo culture.

Not only has Jesse published several books, including the acclaimed "Paisagem de Interior," but he has also released CDs featuring his original songs. To further share his work and connect with his audience, Jesse has a YouTube channel called "Papel de Bodega" where he showcases his art and conducts insightful interviews with guests. You can also find him on Instagram, where he continues to inspire and engage.

If you're curious about the rich tapestry of the sertanejo culture and want to explore the artistic world of Jesse Irino, this episode is a must-listen. Prepare to be transported to the Brazilian countryside and immerse yourself in the captivating creations of this talented multi-artist.

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No CBN Noite Total desta quinta-feira (7), Tania Morales conversa com o poeta e compositor Jessier Quirino. '[Eu sou] arquiteto por profissão, poeta por vocação e matuto por convicção'.
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