AAA255 - "Präventive Pünktlichkeit"
Alliteration Am Arsch
Sat, September 2, 2023
Podchat Summary

Logistics of Medication and Jokes about Fees

In this episode, the hosts dive into the logistics of taking a second dose of medication before an appointment and find it to be quite inconvenient. They share their frustrations and joke about the lack of change for a fee, even suggesting that a 50 cent charge for a service would be more practical. The conversation takes a humorous turn as they discuss a documentary they watched about a man who lives off toilet money and drinks from a glass in the toilet.

Music Tastes and Identity Formation

Shifting gears, the hosts express their dislike for popular pop music and their inability to connect with it. They delve into how music can be identity-forming and how different music tastes can affect relationships. Sharing personal anecdotes, they explore the impact of music preferences on their own lives.

Gaming Consoles and Game Pass

The discussion then turns to gaming consoles, with one of the hosts recently purchasing an Xbox. They discuss the pros and cons of different gaming consoles and the availability of games through subscription services like Game Pass. Speculating on how Microsoft is able to offer so many games through Game Pass and how they make money from it, they compare the Xbox's position in the market to that of the PlayStation.

The Xbox's Journey and Pirated Games

The hosts reflect on the Xbox's journey, highlighting its dominance in America but not in Japan, where the PlayStation is more popular. They discuss the Xbox One's rough start due to its focus on accessories like Kinect, which did not resonate with gamers. They also touch on Microsoft's mistake with the Always-On feature, which required constant internet connection. Additionally, they explore how hardware advancements and online updates have contributed to the decrease in popularity of pirated games.

Design Preferences and Gaming Enhancements

Shifting gears once again, the hosts share their thoughts on the PlayStation 5 winning a Red Dot Design Award, acknowledging that personal preferences for design vary. They also discuss how the use of a steering wheel enhances the gaming experience in racing games, though the cost of a steering wheel setup can range from a couple hundred to thousands of euros.

Women's Expectations and Desires in Relationships

In this thought-provoking episode, the host delves into the topic of women's expectations and desires in relationships. They emphasize that women also have sexual desires and should not be limited to just fulfilling men's needs. The importance of communication and understanding between partners is highlighted to ensure both parties are satisfied. The host expresses his disapproval of derogatory language and disrespectful behavior towards women, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and consent.

The episode concludes with the host bidding farewell and expressing his amusement at the topic discussed.

Original Show Notes
In dieser Folge geht es um die Xbox, Pünktlichkeit, Scheiße und Diabetes. Im nächsten Jahr gibt es noch Live-Termine in Frankfurt und Berlin: 05.03.24 Frankfurt 08.03.24 Berlin Karten gibt es ab sofort bei [Eventim!]( Du möchtest mehr über unsere Werbepartner erfahren? Hier findest du alle Infos & Rabatte:
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