US inflation is still on the right track
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Fri, August 11, 2023
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Progress in Negotiations Between U.S. and Iran: American Prisoners Transferred to House Arrest

In a positive development, Iran has transferred five U.S. citizens from prison to house arrest, indicating progress in the ongoing negotiations between the United States and Iran. These negotiations aim to secure the release of American prisoners and unfreeze Iranian oil revenue in South Korea.

U.S. Inflation Sees Slight Rise, but Overall Progress Made

The United States has experienced a slight increase in inflation, with prices rising by 3.2% in July compared to 3% in June. However, despite this uptick, overall progress has been made in controlling inflation. As a result, investors believe that the Federal Reserve will not increase interest rates in September.

Mexico's Military Gains Influence Under President Lopez Obrador

Under the leadership of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico's military has gained significant influence. Military spending has increased, and the military has taken on various roles in the country's infrastructure and economy. While this has raised concerns about corruption, transparency, and increased violence, it has also sparked worry among the political class, opposition groups, and human rights activists. They fear the challenges of rolling back the military's influence once Lopez Obrador leaves office.

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Original Show Notes

Iran has transferred five US citizens from prison to house arrest, US headline inflation in July rose slightly from June, and in Mexico the influence of the military has grown dramatically. 

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