5 Killer Openers For The Dating Apps That Have a 90% Success Rate
The Unapologetic Man Podcast
Mon, August 21, 2023
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Episode Description: Mastering Dating App Openers for Success

Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast! In this episode, our host dives deep into the world of dating apps and shares five game-changing openers that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our host emphasizes the importance of having a well-optimized profile and eye-catching pictures to increase your chances of success in the online dating world. With so many people using generic openers like "hey" or "what's up," it's crucial to differentiate yourself and make a lasting impression.

Each of the five openers our host provides is carefully crafted to be playful, intriguing, and capture the attention of potential matches. These openers are designed to spark curiosity and create a genuine connection right from the start.

But it's not just about the openers. Our host also shares a powerful testimonial from a client who found success through his coaching program. This success story highlights the importance of addressing the beliefs and mindset that affect behavior and attraction.

If you're ready to take your dating game to the next level, our host encourages you to sign up for his coaching program. This comprehensive program includes a thorough review of your dating profile, along with templates for crafting engaging and effective messages.

As a bonus, our host also shares an additional opener that is guaranteed to pique curiosity and leave a lasting impression. He emphasizes the importance of eliciting curiosity and value in your interactions with women, setting the stage for meaningful connections.

Don't miss out on this episode packed with valuable insights and practical tips for mastering dating app openers. Tune in now and unlock the secrets to online dating success!

Original Show Notes

Here on the Unapologetic Podcast, we understand that many guys hate using dating apps and find them to be nothing but a complete Hasselhoff.

However, when utilized correctly with great pictures, a killer profile bio, and some of the banger openers Mark is sharing in today’s episode, you’re going to easily stand out from the average man that most women deal with on dating apps.

So get ready gentleman, as you’re about to have more matches and dates that you’ll realistically have time to deal with.

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