What to Talk About With a Girl Immediately After You Approach (The O.Q.Q.P. Sequence)
The Unapologetic Man Podcast
Thu, October 5, 2023
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Episode Description: Mastering the OQQP Method for Opening Conversations with Women

Welcome to another episode of the Unapologetic Man podcast! In this episode, our host dives deep into the OQQP method for opening conversations with women. If you've ever struggled with those crucial first 30 seconds of a conversation, then this episode is for you.

The Power of Simplicity and Authenticity

Our host emphasizes the importance of keeping things simple and authentic when approaching women. Instead of trying to come up with overly clever or funny openers, he advises listeners to focus on being genuine and true to themselves.

Indirect, Direct, or Indirect to Direct?

There are three types of approaches our host recommends: indirect, direct, and indirect to direct. The choice depends on the situation and the level of comfort the person has with approaching women. He breaks down each approach and provides valuable insights on when to use them.

The Art of Asking Open Questions

Asking open questions is a powerful way to initiate conversations. Our host suggests starting with simple questions like asking for directions or commenting on something situational. These questions not only open the conversation but also show genuine interest in the woman.

Building Connection and Confidence

Confidence is key when it comes to conversing with women. Our host emphasizes the importance of being confident and relaxed during the conversation, as it helps the woman feel more comfortable and attracted to the person. He shares tips on how to exude confidence and build a genuine connection.

Taking It Slow: Establishing Connection Before Attraction

While it's tempting to jump into attraction-building techniques, our host advises against rushing things. Instead, he suggests focusing on establishing a connection and getting to know the woman better. By taking it slow, you can create a solid foundation for a meaningful interaction.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our host encourages listeners to practice the OQQP method in their daily lives. Whether it's in real conversations or in their imagination, practicing this method will help improve conversational skills and overall success with women. He also mentions the benefits of working with a coach to further enhance these skills.

So, if you're ready to master the art of opening conversations with women, tune in to this episode of the Unapologetic Man podcast and start implementing the OQQP method today!

Original Show Notes

We’re often told that when we approach a woman the key is to “just be confident” and everything will work out. But if you’ve tried this you may have found yourself striking out because you either stayed in platonic conversation for too long, missing the window of attraction, or you tried to escalate too fast which ended up creeping her out.

You need a plan and some direction with your conversation. To help with this Mark has developed the O.Q.Q.P Sequence which, when followed, will ensure you keep your conversation progressing at the perfect pace to guarantee you success.

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