Using HEAT Metrics to Bring Purpose to Platforms w/ Simone Casciaroli
Dev Interrupted
Tue, August 29, 2023
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Building Engineering Platforms: Using the Right Metrics

In this episode, Simone Cacciaroli, Head of Engineering at Onto, shares valuable insights on the importance of using the right metrics when building engineering platforms. He emphasizes the need to consider adoption as a crucial metric before investing time and resources into platform development. By treating the teams using the platform as customers, platform teams can focus on meeting their specific needs and goals.

Simone highlights several customer-centric metrics that can be used to measure the success of a platform, including efficiency, happiness, adoption, and task success. However, he emphasizes the importance of balancing these metrics and not prioritizing one at the expense of the others.

The shift towards treating platforms as products is gaining momentum, and Simone stresses the significance of having someone with product thinking in the platform team. He provides insights into Onto, a company that offers subscriptions to electric cars, and their focus on creating a seamless user experience for customers seeking the flexibility of electric cars without the burden of ownership.

Simone also discusses the rapidly changing electric vehicle space and predicts a potential shift in the automotive industry in the coming years, with Chinese manufacturers gaining prominence in the market.

To stay updated on Simone's work, you can follow his website at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Original Show Notes

In an industry buzzing with enthusiasm for Engineering Platforms, many are developed without a clear product vision, leading to poor adoption or even hindering organizational performance. 

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, cohost Conor Bronsdon talks with Simone Casciaroli, Head of Engineering at Onto. We first encountered Simone's insights at LeadDev New York and immediately knew he'd be the perfect guest to discuss how to build engineering platforms using the right metrics. 

Join us as Conor and Simone delve into the HEAT metrics and explore how they dovetail with established engineering standards like DORA. The episode rounds off with an engaging discussion about electric vehicle startup Onto.

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