The CGInsider Podcast #2327: "What Is Virtual Production?"
TheCGBros CGInsider Podcast
Tue, August 15, 2023
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Exploring Virtual Production in the Filmmaking Industry

Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where hosts Bill and Sean Johnston delve into the fascinating world of virtual production in the filmmaking industry. They take us on a journey through the evolution of filmmaking, from the early days of silent black and white films to the introduction of sound and color.

Virtual production is the focus of this episode, and the hosts provide a comprehensive definition. It is a method of filmmaking that harnesses the power of computer-generated imagery, augmented reality, motion capture, and other cutting-edge technologies to create realistic environments and effects on a virtual set.

The hosts highlight how virtual production gained significant traction during the COVID-19 pandemic. With physical sets and locations becoming challenging to access, virtual production emerged as a viable solution to continue film production.

Throughout the episode, Bill and Sean discuss the numerous benefits of virtual production. They emphasize how it saves both time and costs, offers flexibility in choosing locations, and enables creative decisions to be made earlier in the filmmaking process. However, they also acknowledge some drawbacks, such as the need for pre-planning and the learning curve associated with new tools and technologies.

One exciting aspect of virtual production that the hosts touch upon is its democratizing effect on filmmaking. With virtual production, more people have the opportunity to create movies and tell their stories, breaking down barriers and opening doors for aspiring filmmakers.

In the concluding segment, Bill and Sean speculate on the future of virtual production and its impact on the filmmaking industry. As technology continues to advance, virtual production is poised to revolutionize the way films are made, offering endless possibilities for filmmakers and audiences alike.

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The CGInsider Podcast #2327: "What Is Virtual Production?" In this week's podcast, TheCGBros answer this question, providing their insights and opinions in a lively discussion on the topic.
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