The CGInsider Podcast #2328: "How Is NVidia Changing Gaming?"
TheCGBros CGInsider Podcast
Sun, August 20, 2023
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The Evolution of Gaming: How NVIDIA is Changing the Game

In this episode of our podcast, hosts Bill and John Johnston delve into the world of gaming and explore how NVIDIA is revolutionizing the industry. They take a trip down memory lane, providing a brief history of video cards and graphics processing units (GPUs) that have paved the way for the immersive gaming experiences we enjoy today.

One of the pivotal moments in gaming history was the introduction of the first official GPU, the GeForce 256, by NVIDIA in 1999. Bill and John discuss how this groundbreaking innovation set the stage for the incredible advancements we see today.

Real-time ray tracing is a topic that cannot be overlooked when discussing NVIDIA's impact on gaming. The hosts dive into the world of ray tracing and explain how it has significantly improved the visual fidelity of games, creating stunningly realistic environments and lighting effects.

But NVIDIA's influence doesn't stop there. The hosts shed light on the acquisition of ARM by NVIDIA in 2020, a move that has further enhanced their computing capabilities. This strategic move has opened up new possibilities and pushed the boundaries of what is achievable in gaming.

Deep learning supersampling (DLSS) is another game-changer that Bill and John explore. They explain how DLSS improves image quality and performance, allowing gamers to enjoy stunning visuals without sacrificing smooth gameplay.

Cloud gaming is a hot topic in the industry, and NVIDIA's GeForce Now is at the forefront. The hosts discuss how this platform enables players to access high-resolution gaming on any device, breaking the barriers of traditional gaming hardware.

Lastly, Bill and John touch on the use of ray tracing in audio, a lesser-known but equally impactful aspect of NVIDIA's innovations. They explain how this technology creates more immersive soundscapes in games, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Join us for this enlightening episode as we explore the evolution of gaming and how NVIDIA continues to shape the future of the industry.

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The CGInsider Podcast #2328: "How Is NVidia Changing Gaming?" In this week's podcast, TheCGBros answer this question, providing their insights and opinions in a lively discussion on the topic.
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