Markus Brennauer: Trainer aus Leidenschaft
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Tue, May 2, 2023
Podchat Summary

Trail Running Challenges and Future Races

In this episode, our guest Markus Brennauer, a passionate runner and trainer, shares his experiences and challenges in trail running. He discusses his preference for flowtrails over technical trails and his fear of the latter. Markus, who grew up and still lives in Penzberg, also talks about his love for mountain hiking and his early introduction to the sport by his father.

Markus, a teacher and avid writer, opens up about his healthy lifestyle choices, including his avoidance of alcohol and his preference for vegetable-based meals with minimal meat consumption. He also reveals his fondness for Spezi and non-alcoholic beer.

During the episode, Markus reflects on a recent trail running race where he faced unexpected obstacles. He got lost and fell behind other runners, affecting his mental state. Despite the challenges, he shares his satisfaction with his overall performance.

Looking ahead, Markus discusses his plans for future races, including the Zugspitz Ultratrail, Eiger Ultra Trail, and Transalpine Run. He expresses excitement for these upcoming challenges and hopes to continue delivering strong performances.

As the episode concludes, Markus and the hosts bid farewell and express gratitude to the listeners. They invite everyone to visit the website for more information, including recipes and links discussed in the episode. They promise to return with more engaging content in the next episode.

Don't miss this insightful conversation with Markus Brennauer as he shares his trail running experiences, challenges, and future aspirations.

Original Show Notes
Markus Brennauer, der über die Straße auf die Trails kam und als Sportlehrer, Vereinstrainer und Buchautor auch anderen die Begeisterung für den Sport näher bringt, erzählt uns über die verpasste WM, Wunschrennen und haufenweise Gemüse.
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