Best Of: Why Canada's Healthcare System Is Breaking
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Tue, August 8, 2023
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The Challenges Facing the Canadian Healthcare System

In this episode, we delve into the complexities of the Canadian healthcare system and the challenges it currently faces. As a single-payer system, the government acts as the sole insurance provider for necessary healthcare services. However, this system is not without its problems.

Long Wait Times and Lack of Primary Care Providers

One of the major issues plaguing the Canadian healthcare system is the long wait times for key services. Patients often have to wait months for important procedures, causing frustration and potential harm. Additionally, there is a shortage of primary care providers, particularly family doctors. This shortage is driven by retirements, population growth, and the preferences of younger doctors for flexible work schedules and variety in their careers.

The Need for Coordination and Planning

Another challenge is the lack of coordination and planning in healthcare human resources. There is a clear need for a centralized institute to guide the production of healthcare professionals and ensure that the system has an adequate number of providers to meet the growing demand.

Government Accountability and Value for Money

The federal government is demanding more accountability and value for money in healthcare funding. This may lead to a more coordinated approach to healthcare planning and funding, with a focus on improving efficiency and reducing wait times.

The Pitfalls of For-Profit Private Provision

While some propose introducing for-profit private provision of healthcare services as a solution, this approach is unlikely to solve the problems of wait times and access to care. In fact, it may lead to cream-skimming and increased healthcare inequities.

The Road Ahead

Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to the shortage of healthcare providers in the short term. The next five to ten years are expected to be challenging for the healthcare system in Canada as it grapples with these issues and seeks to find innovative solutions.

Tune in to this episode as we explore the intricacies of the Canadian healthcare system and the hurdles it must overcome to provide quality care to all its citizens.

Original Show Notes
This episode originally aired on January 24, 2023. Anyone who has dealt with Canada's healthcare system knows that it's under incredible strain. Part of that is because of the pandemic and the backlogs that piled up over the past three years. But many of the factors that led to the crisis we're now facing have been building up for much longer than that. Dr. Saad Ahmed, a family physician based out of Vancouver and lecturer at the University of Toronto's Department of Family & Community Medicine, joins us to break down how exactly our healthcare system works and explain the root causes of its biggest problems. ----- Links: More episodes of Free Lunch by The Peak: Follow Taylor on Twitter: @taylorscollon Follow Sarah on Twitter: @sarahbartnicka Subscribe to The Peak's daily business newsletter:
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