#95: The gerund in Italian
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Thu, August 10, 2023
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The Gerund in Italian: A Guide to Continuous Tenses and More

Are you struggling to understand the concept of the gerund in Italian? Look no further! In this episode, we dive deep into the world of gerunds and explore their various uses and forms.

What is the Gerund?

First things first, let's clarify what the gerund actually is. In Italian, the gerund is the equivalent of verbs ending in "ing" in English. It is formed by removing the final three letters of the verb and adding "ando" for verbs ending in "are" and "endo" for verbs ending in "ere" and "ire".

Creating Continuous Tenses

One of the main uses of the gerund in Italian is to create continuous tenses, which emphasize ongoing actions in the past, present, or future. We explore how to form the present continuous tense by conjugating the verb "stare" in the present tense and adding the gerund. Similarly, the past continuous tense is formed by conjugating "stare" in the imperfect indicative and adding the gerund. And for the future progressive tense, we conjugate "stare" in the future indicative and add the gerund.

Emphasizing Time with the Gerund

Did you know that the gerund can also be used on its own to emphasize when something happens? We discuss this unique usage and provide examples to help you grasp its significance.

No Gender or Number Changes

Unlike many other parts of the Italian language, the gerund remains consistent and does not change its form based on gender or number. We explain this aspect in detail and highlight its importance in mastering the gerund.

So, if you're ready to unravel the mysteries of the gerund in Italian, join us in this informative episode. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of how to use the gerund to create continuous tenses and add emphasis to your Italian conversations!

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