This Is Why People Lack Happiness.
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Sun, August 13, 2023
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Episode Description: Finding Your Passion and Building a Side Hustle

In this episode, Gary Vaynerchuk, renowned entrepreneur and motivational speaker, shares his insights on finding what you love and starting a side hustle around it. He believes that we are living in the greatest era of opportunity and encourages listeners to seize it.

One of the key points Gary emphasizes is the importance of having a North Star mindset and being a practitioner in order to achieve both success and happiness in business. He highlights the significance of self-awareness and not allowing others' judgments to dictate our choices.

Building something meaningful and sustainable requires patience and hard work, according to Gary. He discusses the power of social media platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and podcasts, and encourages listeners to start creating content on these platforms to leverage their potential.

Unemotional decision-making and accountability are essential for success, Gary emphasizes. He also stresses the importance of saving money and living within one's means, urging listeners to evaluate their priorities and stop worrying about other people's opinions.

Perspective and gratitude are key, Gary suggests, as he encourages listeners to take action and make the most of the opportunities available. By finding their passion and building a side hustle, listeners can create a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Original Show Notes

Today's podcast is a throwback to 2019, featuring a keynote I delivered in Orlando. In this keynote, I delve into the root causes of unhappiness that prevent you from pursuing what you genuinely desire. Whether it's launching a podcast, creating a new video, or posting a photo of yourself on social media, much of the hesitation stems from people placing too much value on judgment and societal norms over their own happiness. I deeply explore how this mindset can be harmful and offer insights on how to overcome such thinking patterns. Enjoy!

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