#02 How to sell porn online (fast)
Wild Wild Web - Der Pornhub Effekt
Thu, January 27, 2022
Podchat Summary

From Receptionist to Porn Star: Vanessa and Daniel's Journey

Join us in this episode as we delve into the fascinating story of Vanessa and Daniel, a married couple from a small village in Germany who made the bold transition from their previous jobs to working in the porn industry.

Vanessa, who used to work as a receptionist in a hotel, found her job unfulfilling and restrictive. Seeking a new path, they stumbled upon a website called "My Dirty Hobby" and decided to give amateur porn a try. They started uploading videos and quickly gained attention from other performers who were eager to collaborate.

Although they faced initial skepticism from friends and family, Vanessa and Daniel ultimately decided to pursue a career in the industry. They now work with an agency to market themselves and have seen remarkable success in terms of income and fanbase.

The rise of free tube sites has transformed the porn industry, disrupting the traditional business model. Fabian Thylmann, a visionary programmer from Aachen, Germany, recognized the potential in this industry and created a successful business model that combines free content with paid subscriptions.

Vanessa and Daniel have embraced this model by uploading teaser videos to free sites and directing their fans to their paid content on platforms like My Dirty Hobby. They also engage with their fanbase through social media and offer personalized experiences, such as filming with fans.

Despite facing some backlash and judgment from their community, Vanessa and Daniel are happy with their decision to work in the porn industry. They have not only found financial success but have also discovered a sense of fulfillment and freedom that their previous jobs lacked.

Original Show Notes
Vanessa kündigt ihren Job und wird Pornodarstellerin. Schon beim ersten Dreh gibt es Probleme. Auch wegen der Plattform, mit der Fabian Thylmann die Porno-Industrie für immer verändert: Pornhub. In dieser neuen Porno-Welt wird Vanessa zum Selfmade-Pornostar Emma Secret. Und wir wollen angeblich alle Sex mit unserer Stiefschwester ...
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