The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 8
Thu, March 30, 2023
Podchat Summary

Episode Description: The Lambs' Perspective

In this episode, the podcast producer sits down with Fred Lam and his wife Linda in their lawyer's office for an exclusive interview. Fred has consistently denied any involvement in Shelley Wiley's murder, and he shares his side of the story, recounting his interrogation with Robert Terry. According to Fred, Terry manipulated him into making a false confession by lying to him.

Linda also joins the conversation, recalling her disbelief and frustration when Fred called her to inform her about his arrest for Shelley's murder. The Lambs believe that Terry had personal motives and wanted to solve the case to further his career.

Despite their own innocence claims, the Lambs express sympathy for Shelley's family and their need for closure. They acknowledge that, for the sake of closure, Shelley's family may have to believe that Fred is the killer.

The podcast producer suggests an alternative suspect, Larry Montez, who has since passed away. This new perspective adds complexity to the case, as the lack of evidence and the unreliability of memories make it difficult to solve.

As the episode progresses, the producer also speaks with Shelley's family, who share their frustration with the police and their unwavering desire for closure and justice.

Original Show Notes

Kim interviews Fred Lamb and takes a fresh look at the case.

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