The Coldest Case In Laramie - Episode 2
Thu, March 30, 2023
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Episode Description: The Mysterious Death of Shelly - Memories and Suspicions

In this episode, host Lori delves deeper into the mysterious death of Shelly, a young woman who tragically lost her life in a devastating fire. Lori connects with Michelle, Shelly's former roommate, who shares her memories of their time together and sheds light on the events surrounding Shelly's untimely demise.

Michelle, who moved to Laramie with hopes of finding a job and pursuing her college education, ended up working alongside Shelly at Foster's. She vividly recalls the day of the fire, a day that would forever change their lives. Michelle had an unsettling feeling that something was amiss and decided to leave work early. When she arrived home, she was met with a horrifying sight - their apartment engulfed in flames. The news that Shelly was missing devastated Michelle.

In the aftermath of Shelly's death, Michelle sought solace and security by hastily marrying her now ex-husband. The fear and uncertainty surrounding Shelly's demise pushed her into a relationship that provided temporary comfort during a tumultuous time.

Michelle harbors suspicions about Fred Lamb, a man she believes may have played a role in Shelly's death. She recalls his advances towards Shelly and suspects that his violent tendencies were triggered by her rejection. Shockingly, Michelle reveals that Lamb was a former cop and deputy, which may have complicated the investigation and led to a lack of suspicion towards him.

Pat Kliney, the maintenance guy who discovered the fire, also shares his encounter with Lamb and his deep-seated suspicions about his involvement. Kliney expresses frustration over the lack of investigation into Lamb's potential connection to the tragic incident.

Years later, the case is reopened by Detective Terry, offering a glimmer of hope for answers. However, Lamb's statements during the investigation are deemed unreliable, and his lawyer argues that he was coerced into providing false information.

Driven by a desire for justice, the host plans to visit Laramie to gather more information and delve deeper into the case. Join us as we uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of Shelly and explore the web of suspicions surrounding Fred Lamb.

Original Show Notes

Kim talks to Shelli’s former roommate, who connects Kim with a man who was at the crime scene and has troubling memories about Fred Lamb and the police.

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