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Wed, September 9, 2020
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Choosing the Right Theological Institution: Avoiding Scams and Making Informed Decisions

In this episode, our guest speaker, who has extensive experience in theological education and has studied in various institutions, sheds light on the scams and pitfalls that exist in the world of theological education. They provide valuable insights and advice on how to make informed decisions when choosing a theological institution.

One of the key issues discussed is the prevalence of scams in theological education. The speaker highlights the deceptive practice of offering accredited degrees in a short amount of time for a hefty payment. They caution listeners to be wary of institutions that falsely claim affiliation with prestigious universities like Oxford or Cambridge.

The episode emphasizes the importance of not basing one's choice solely on the fame of a preacher or theologian associated with an institution. Instead, the speaker suggests considering factors such as reputation, theological emphasis, faculty qualifications, and library resources. They also stress the need to be aware of the financial aspect and the level of commitment required for studying at a particular institution.

Furthermore, the level of academic rigor and the language of instruction, preferably English, are highlighted as important considerations. The speaker encourages listeners to thoroughly research and evaluate these aspects before making a decision.

Lastly, the episode emphasizes the significance of being involved in pastoral ministry while pursuing theological education. The speaker explains how practical experience in ministry complements academic learning and helps develop a well-rounded theological education.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and guidance on choosing the right theological institution, avoiding scams, and making informed decisions that align with your educational and ministry goals.

Original Show Notes

Daniel Caballero nos da algunas recomendaciones sobre donde estudiar teología, así también como donde no hacerlo. Que debo tener en cuenta al momento de elegir un seminario? Que rol tiene la facultad? Hay alguna diferencia si estudio una maestria o un doctorado? 

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