Un avivamiento en Asbury?
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Sat, February 18, 2023
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Episode Description: Understanding Revivals and Awakenings

Welcome to this episode where the host delves into the recent revival or awakening happening in Ashbury. Rather than directly analyzing the phenomenon, the host offers a unique perspective as a Latin American historian living in the UK.

The host begins by distinguishing between revivals and awakenings, explaining that revivals have a broader impact across geographical and generational boundaries, while awakenings are more localized and shorter in duration.

One key point the host emphasizes is that throughout history, all revivals have been a mixture of sound doctrine and error, as well as true and false conversions. He argues against the expectation that a revival should be solely based on sound doctrine.

Understanding the historical context of revivals is crucial, according to the host. He cautions against using a single event as the standard to judge all revivals and warns against using historical categories to determine the veracity or soundness of a revival.

Another aspect the host highlights is the role of social media and celebrity culture in revivals. He urges caution against excessive focus on individual leaders or influencers, suggesting that a genuine revival should not be centered around celebrity figures.

Genuine worship is a vital component of revivals, as the host explains. He acknowledges the role of emotions in the Christian life but cautions against emotionalism. Discernment is necessary to distinguish between genuine revival and mere emotional experiences.

In conclusion, the host states that the duration of a revival is shorter than an awakening. He expresses hope for a genuine revival in Latin America and encourages listeners to study the Word of God and engage in theological and historical analysis of revivals.

Original Show Notes

A la luz de los eventos que han tenido lugar la ultima semana en el seminario de Asbury, en este episodio Jaime D. Caballero nos brinda diez principios para interpretar cualquier tipo de avivamiento. 

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