EP06: Seeing the Sounds: Music and Torah with Rabbi Yosef Goldman
The Jewish Psychedelic Podcast
Wed, August 30, 2023
Podchat Summary

Exploring the Intersection of Spirituality and Psychedelic Consciousness

Welcome to another episode of Shelfish Community Conversations! In this episode, our host dives deep into a fascinating discussion with a special guest about the intersection of spirituality and psychedelic consciousness.

Our guest for today is a talented musician and rock artist who shares their unique perspective on how their Jewish identity influences their music. They reveal how their spiritual beliefs and practices shape their creative process and the messages they convey through their music.

Throughout the conversation, our host and guest explore the profound power of music as a spiritual practice. They delve into how music can serve as a bridge, connecting individuals to their source of meaning and purpose. Our guest shares personal experiences of navigating chronic illness and pain, highlighting how music has been a transformative tool in finding solace and connection during difficult moments.

The importance of presence and awareness in each moment is also a key theme in this episode. Our guest and host discuss how music can be a powerful tool for experiencing the divine, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the present moment and connect with something greater than themselves.

As the conversation unfolds, our guest provides insights into their creative process and how music becomes a form of praise and connection to the divine. They even treat us to a track from their latest album, which was produced in collaboration with another talented artist.

As the episode draws to a close, both the host and guest express their gratitude for the enlightening conversation. They encourage listeners to share and subscribe to the podcast, ensuring that more people can benefit from these thought-provoking discussions.

Tune in to this episode of Shelfish Community Conversations to explore the profound relationship between spirituality, psychedelic consciousness, and the transformative power of music.

Original Show Notes

On this episode of the Jewish Psychedelic Podcast, Rabbi Zac is joined by Rabbi Yosef Goldman, composer, prayer leader, educator, and singer. Yosef’s new album of Jewish music, “Abitah,” will be released on Rising Song Records on September 21st. The conversation delves into the profound connections between music and Torah, creativity as a Jewish practice for healing, and spiritual connection, celebrating the spirit of this sacred month of Elul.

These programs are offered as a free community resource. If you feel moved to donate to support this work, you may do so on our website, and all gifts made through the month of Elul (August 18- September 15) will be matched dollar for dollar. Stay connected with R’ Yosef on Instagram @yosgold
or at https://yosefgoldman.bandcamp.com/album/abitah

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