Why Did You Marry That Person? (Ep. 511 Replay)
Freakonomics Radio
Thu, June 29, 2023
Podchat Summary

Exploring the Marriage Market: Factors, Trends, and Consequences

In this thought-provoking episode, the hosts delve into the concept of marriage as a market, examining the various factors that influence people's decisions to marry and the wide-ranging consequences of those decisions. They shed light on the decline in marriage rates in the US and the growing trend of marrying later in life, which interestingly leads to more durable marriages.

The hosts take a closer look at the role of preferences and assortative mating in marriage markets, exploring how individuals tend to choose partners who are similar to them in various aspects. They also delve into the impact of income inequality on marriage decisions, highlighting how economic disparities can shape the choices people make when it comes to tying the knot.

Delving into the historical context of marriage markets, the hosts transport us to the 19th century and discuss the fascinating example of the London season. They explain how this social phenomenon influenced the dynamics of marriage markets and how interruptions in these markets can lead to more diverse marriages.

Technology's role in shaping the modern marriage market is also explored, with a particular focus on dating apps and their potential effects on income and status inequality. The hosts examine how these technological advancements have altered the way people meet and connect, potentially reshaping the dynamics of marriage markets.

The episode concludes with a captivating discussion on the concentration of intellect and abilities in marriages and its impact on society as a whole. The hosts delve into the implications of this phenomenon, pondering how it shapes social dynamics and contributes to the broader fabric of our communities.

Join the hosts as they navigate the intricate world of marriage markets, shedding light on the factors, trends, and consequences that shape this fundamental aspect of human society.

Original Show Notes

Sure, you were “in love.” But economists — using evidence from Bridgerton to Tinder — point to what’s called “assortative mating.” And it has some unpleasant consequences for society.

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