212: Hope Coursing Through My Veins
Sun, April 9, 2023
Podchat Summary
In this episode, the hosts start off by jokingly asking Sonos to sponsor them. They then express their excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Sonos event, speculating on the potential new products and features that might be announced. The hosts also share their experiences and opinions on Sonos' existing products and their integration with other smart home devices. They admire Sonos' commitment to quality and innovation, and discuss the impact of their new products on the market and their own personal preferences. The episode concludes with the hosts expressing their hopes for a future partnership with Sonos. Additionally, the hosts recommend some TV shows, including "Shrinking" on Apple TV+, "The Last of Us" on HBO, and "Narcos" on Netflix, as well as the Sonos Era 100 speaker, which they highly recommend for its significant improvement in sound quality compared to the Sonos One.
Original Show Notes
WWDC is back! Listener questions are back! Casey is back (on RSS)!
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