Sun, March 12, 2023
Podchat Summary
In this episode of Analog, the hosts discuss Mike's new product, the Sidekick Notepad, and the promotional video he made for it. The video was filmed in the Mega Studio and features Adina, and Mike learned a lot about lighting and used a motorized camera slider. The hosts mention that the video has received a lot of views and positive feedback. However, the majority of the episode is dedicated to discussing the current popularity of analog activities such as Formula 1 racing and the TV show Ted Lasso. The hosts express their excitement about these analog experiences and how they bring joy and entertainment. They discuss how these analog activities provide a break from the digital world and offer a different kind of enjoyment. The hosts emphasize the importance of finding balance between digital and analog activities in order to fully enjoy life. The episode concludes with the hosts encouraging listeners to explore and embrace analog experiences in their own lives.
Original Show Notes
COVID came for the Liss family, Myke made a video, and F1 is back!
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