#267: Harmonização criminal de Bolsonaro
Foro de Teresina
Fri, August 25, 2023
Podchat Summary

Episode Description: Investigating Bolsonaristas, Lula's Government, and Judicial Changes

In this episode, the hosts of the podcast begin with a casual conversation before diving into the latest news and developments in Brazilian politics.

They discuss how Minister Alexandre de Moraes has archived the inquiry against Bolsonarista businessmen but continues to investigate Meier Nigre and Luciano Hang. The hosts highlight that the Police Federal found WhatsApp messages between Bolsonaro and Nigre containing attacks on the judiciary, false information about electronic voting machines, and misinformation about vaccines and Covid.

Another topic covered is the recent search and seizure operation conducted by the Police Civil of the Federal District at the residence of Jair Renan, Bolsonaro's son. The hosts also mention ongoing investigations into the Bolsonaro family's jewelry and upcoming testimonies scheduled for the following week.

The hosts then shift their focus to the government of Lula and its tense relationship with the military. They discuss the January 8th crisis and the declining popularity of the institution. Additionally, they mention the recent decision by the Supreme Federal Court to relax restrictions imposed on judges in cases involving relatives acting on behalf of one of the parties.

Two main topics dominate the episode: the case of Bolsonarista businessmen and the relationship between Lula's government and the military. The hosts also highlight a quick response from the Attorney General, Augusto Aras, to journalist Glenn Greenwald, which reveals the prosecutor's priorities and indebtedness to a supporting businessman.

They mention the search and seizure operation at Jair Renan's house, where leaked information suggests his associates used a fake frontman to carry out scams. The hosts criticize the Bolsonaro government's attempt to present a positive version of events through "criminal harmonization" to conceal problems.

Investigations into the Armed Forces are also discussed, including the Operation Arabian Jewels and their involvement in the January 8th coup attempt. The hosts point out the flawed civilian control over the Armed Forces in Brazil, with military personnel occupying civilian positions in the Ministry of Defense.

They mention Lula's promise of million-dollar investments in the Armed Forces, which increases their power despite ongoing investigations. The hosts suggest that the military is trapped in the scandals of the Bolsonaro government and has two options: either believe that Lula will not run in the 2026 election and a Bolsonarista will be elected, or wait for an amnesty similar to the one that occurred in São Paulo.

The hosts also discuss the ambiguous Article 142 of the Constitution, which deals with the role of the Armed Forces and allows for coup-like interpretations.

Shifting gears, the hosts address recent changes in the judiciary. They mention the Supreme Federal Court's decision to overturn the rule that prohibited judges from presiding over cases involving their relatives. They highlight the already intense involvement of relatives in higher courts prior to this change.

They provide examples such as the case of former Rio de Janeiro governor Sérgio Cabral, who revealed in a plea bargain that a businessman hired a lawyer who was the son of a Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) minister to obtain a favorable injunction. Another example is the case of businessman Orlando Diniz, who hired a lawyer who was the son of a Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) minister to act in the TCU.

The hosts express concerns about the Supreme Federal Court's decision, viewing it as an obstacle to judicial impartiality. They mention that the Brazilian Magistrates Association has filed a lawsuit against the rule change, arguing that it is disproportionate and unenforceable. They criticize the decision as a corporatist move that goes against the interests of justice.

Concluding the episode, the hosts apologize for the lengthy and chaotic recording session and wish their listeners a good week. They say goodbye until the next episode, which ends with music and a whistle sound effect.

Original Show Notes
As novidades das investigações sobre as joias sauditas, o vaivém nas versões dos advogados e o envolvimento de Bolsonaro com empresários que, supostamente, defenderam um golpe de Estado são alguns dos assuntos do Foro de Teresina. O programa fala ainda do desgaste na imagem das Forças Armadas e do julgamento, no STF, sobre o impedimento de juízes em avaliar processos que envolvem clientes de parentes.

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