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Thu, July 27, 2023
Podchat Summary

Excitement for the First Ever Golf Broadcast

In this episode, the hosts of the podcast express their excitement for their first ever golf broadcast. They announce that they will be broadcasting the NV5 Invitational presented by Old National Bank on the Corn Fairy Tour. The hosts discuss the significance of finishing first in the points standings and the perks that come with it, such as entry into the U.S. Open and The Players Championship.

Interviews with Corn Fairy Tour Players

The hosts interview Adrian Dumont de Chasson, a Belgian golfer who is currently seventh in points on the Corn Fairy Tour. They also interview Ben Coles, the number one player in Corn Fairy Tour points, Rafa Campos, who is 14th in points, and Tim Whiting, a Swedish golfer who is 32nd in points. The players discuss the process of getting a PGA Tour card and the significance of finishing in the top 30 in points.

Preparing for the Live Golf Broadcast

The hosts discuss their preparations for the upcoming live golf broadcast on They talk about their strong team, including a top executive producer and talented individuals like Kirk, Francis, and Jersey Jerry. The hosts share stories about their experiences in the old office and express their excitement for the opportunity to showcase the Corn Fairy Tour and provide exposure for the players.

Vocabulary Quiz and Event

The hosts engage in a vocabulary quiz and discuss the importance of expanding their vocabulary. They also talk about the upcoming event and encourage listeners to tune in and show support. The hosts discuss the pressure and stakes of the event and share a cool story of a caddy who Monday qualified and will be playing with his player in the event.

Importance of Being on the Right Side of the Hole

The players discuss the importance of being on the right side of the hole in golf and the strategy of being more aggressive when your short game is good. They also talk about the adjustment to being a professional golfer and the increased responsibility of managing their own schedules. The players share stories of their best shots of the year and the nerves that come with important moments in golf.

Good Luck to Exceptional Individuals

The podcast episode features a group of individuals who have performed exceptionally well throughout the year. The hosts wish them good luck for an upcoming event and express their gratitude for their participation in the podcast. The episode concludes with a thank you message from the hosts and features background music.

Original Show Notes

Our first ever golf live broadcast is upon us. We’re live from Chicago for the NV5 Invitational presented by Old National Bank and we’re joined by KFT players (Adrien Dumont De Chassart, Ben Kohles, Rafael Campos, and Tim Widing). We discuss the tension on tour as we enter the home stretch, playing for one’s livelihood, and hear about the best shots from the year. Before the players join, the crew talks Oppenheimer, Blackberries, Golden Eye the video game, and The Word Of The Day.

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