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Fore Play
Tue, August 1, 2023
Podchat Summary

Behind the Scenes of a Golf Tournament Broadcast

In this episode, the hosts of the podcast reflect on their recent experience broadcasting a golf tournament and share their thoughts on the challenges and successes they encountered. The episode begins with an exciting announcement that Barstool Sports has partnered with New Amsterdam Vodka to assist in renovating a VFW post common area, showcasing their commitment to giving back to the community.

The hosts dive into their initial nervousness about broadcasting the golf tournament and how they were able to bring their own comedic style to the broadcast while still doing justice to the sport. They express their appreciation for the positive reactions they received from the players, crediting the perfect marriage between their style and the Corn Fairy Tour.

Throughout the episode, the hosts discuss the mental focus required to stay engaged during a golf tournament and highlight the intense playoff between Trace Crow and Taylor Fishburne. They marvel at the impressive shots and the pressure of the moment, ultimately leading to Crow's victory at 25 under par.

Aside from the tournament, the hosts also share their experience at Sport Clips haircut and the MVP treatment they received. They discuss the excitement and disbelief of winning a golf tournament and delve into the strategy and yardages during the playoff holes.

Looking ahead, the hosts mention potential future opportunities for podcast episodes, such as covering LPGA or PGA Tour events. They express their pride in being able to bring something unique and different to the golf world.

The episode concludes with the hosts expressing their gratitude to the production team and other individuals who contributed to the podcast episode. They mention standout players from the tournament, including Trace Crow and Gutterup, and express their appreciation for the support and involvement of Kirk and Collinane throughout the week.

Throughout the episode, the hosts also discuss the Whoop fitness wearable and its features, showcasing their dedication to fitness and overall well-being.

With their signature enthusiasm and excitement, the hosts invite everyone to join them in enjoying milkshakes, playfully referencing the phrase "bring all the boys to the yard." They emphasize the importance of giving their best effort and conclude the episode by saying goodbye and mentioning the next podcast.

Original Show Notes

Golf broadcast? Check. Against all odds, including our own expectations, we pulled off producing a full Korn Ferry Tour broadcast. We’re joined by Francis Ellis and champion Trace Crowe to debrief over the dramatic finish, the funny moments, and the completely new experience of the crew doing television.

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