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Our world is full of Debate and Controversy... From Mandatory Vaccinations, to Cancel Culture, to the Zombie Apocalypse, sometimes it seems as though we live in a society doomed to argue ourselves into oblivion! Join International Award Winning Debaters turned Educators Josh and Kelly as they explore these arguments from all sides to help you better understand the debates that define your world!

Killing for Profit: Should Criminals Make Money Off of Their Stories?
Our society is obsessed with stories about crime, and most of the time the more heinous it is, the better.  That means that there are millions of dollars to be made off of the retelling of the lives and misdeeds of criminals.  Do they have a right to share their stories under free speech protections?  Does that include the profit that follows?  Or should a consideration of their victims prompt us to forbid such cashing in on crime?
Tue, September 19, 2023
Tourism: Should You Cancel That Trip You’ve Been Planning?
The recent fires in Maui and the continuing aftermath have brought attention to the impacts that tourism can have on popular destinations.  Many local, or even national, economies can be completely dependent on the tourism industry, but how do we ensure that same dollars are not having destructive long term effects on the people, cultures and environments of fragile locales?
Tue, August 29, 2023
Generative AI: Is it the End for Human Artists?
Hollywood is currently on strike, in large part over the fear actors and writers have of AI generated art.  What implications does this new technology have for the creative content that we consume?  Will human artists be replaced by computers in Movies? Music? Photography?  And if the quality of AI generated art can compete or surpass our own capabilities, is that even a bad thing?
Sun, August 6, 2023
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