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Elderly Animal Welfare: A Deep Dive with Debra Marrin [Ep. 212]
It's undeniable that caring for aging animals is a complex task. The unique needs of older animals can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and even a bit helpless. It's a journey filled with emotions and challenges. Enter our guide for this episode, Debbie Marrin. With over 48 years of professional animal training and management experience, Debbie is the Director of Training and Behavioral Husbandry at the San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. She's been at the forefront of husbandry training since 1985 and has a special passion for the care and training of geriatric animals. Debbie has co-authored multiple papers, a book chapter, and has presented at several conferences dedicated to geriatric animal welfare. In this episode, Debbie shares her top 5 strategies to help you navigate the challenges of aging animal care: Be a Good Observer: Recognize both in and out of training behaviours that might be red flags for health issues. Have a Whole Life Plan: Teach foundation behaviours early on to make future training for specific issues easier. Educate Yourself: Learn about common issues that aging animals face, from pain and cognitive decline to kidney disease and arthritis. Take a Wholistic Approach: Consider every component of care, from medications and environmental conditions to nutrition and daily husbandry. Be Compassionate and Flexible: Understand what the animal is experiencing and modify your training expectations accordingly. Don't let the challenges of caring for aging animals lead to stress, overwhelm, or burnout. By listening to this episode, you'll be better equipped to build resilience to setbacks, get more organized, and grow your training skills and knowledge. Enjoy confidence in yourself as a trainer and lead a fulfilling life, positively impacting the lives of the animal and human learners you work with. Listen to the podcast episode now and transform your approach to aging animal care. -- -- -- -- -- Debbie Marrin's email >>> Links Doc; The benefits of training for aging animals [talked about in the episode] Geriatric animal observation log
Mon, October 9, 2023
Dr Susan Friedman & Rick Hester; Freeing the Operant [Ep. 211]
At Animal Training Academy, we understand your passion. You're dedicated to mastering your animal training skills using a force-free approach. You're driven by the desire to handle the myriad of challenges that come your way, equipped with a broad knowledge & experience base. But like all of us, there are times you hit rough patches in your training journey. These challenges can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed & helpless. It's disheartening, especially when you have so much love and dedication for what you do. We believe everyone should be empowered to positively impact the lives of the animal and human learners they come into contact with. Enter our guides for this episode: Dr. Susan Friedman and Rick Hester. Rick Hester has extensive experience at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. He's worked with a diverse range of species from penguins to African lions. Collaborating with experts like Dr. Susan Friedman, Rick has deepened his understanding of behaviour analysis. His work at the zoo and his role as an adjunct faculty at Colorado State University showcase his dedication to the field. Dr. Susan G. Friedman, a global influencer in the realm of animal behavior, is a professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Utah State University. Her work, translated into multiple languages, has been instrumental in shaping the understanding of animal behaviour across the world. In this episode, they'll guide you to: Understand the concept of the four freedoms: Freedom to Initiate, Freedom to Form, Freedom to Repeat, and Freedom of Pace. Dive deep into real-world examples with penguins and elephants at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado. Brainstorm and strategize on how to integrate this newfound knowledge into your work, enhancing your ability to meet your animals' needs and improve their welfare. So, are you ready to elevate your training skills? Dive in and listen to this enlightening podcast episode. Our goal at Animal Training Academy is to support you in avoiding the pitfalls of embarrassment, overwhelm, and burnout. By equipping you with the right knowledge and tools, we aim to help you build resilience to setbacks, get more organized, and continuously grow your training skills. Ultimately, we envision you confidently navigating your journey, leading a fulfilling life, and making a positive impact on both animal and human learners. Listen to the episode now and embark on a transformative journey in animal training. Links Learn more from Dr Friedman and get in touch with both her and Rick here >>>
Mon, September 25, 2023
Michele Pouliot 2: Balancing Honesty & Frustration in advocating for R+ [Ep. 210]
We know you're a passionate trainer, driven by a desire to master animal training skills through a force-free approach. You dream of a world where animals operate from a place of understanding and trust, not fear. Yet, advocating for positive reinforcement, especially when up against those using aversives, isn't straightforward. How can you effectively champion this cause and foster a paradigm shift in the animal training world? Enter Michele Pouliot, your guide in this most recent ATA podcast episode. With an impressive 51 years in the field, Michele understands the challenges you face and offers a roadmap to navigate them.  Here are three of the [many] big takeaways from the episode on how to advocate for positive reinforcement A little bit of frustraion on your end is okay: Learn to channel your emotions effectively,  The importance of honesty [paired with kindness]: The critical importance of honesty and transparency in building trust with clients. Building Trust: Learn about the importance of trust in your relationships with others, [drawing parallels between the relationships you forge with animals] We want to see you avoid embarrassment, overwhelm and burnout. Instead, we want to see you build resilience to setbacks, get more organised, and grow your training skills and knowledge. In short, we want to see you enjoy confidence in yourself as a trainer and lead a fulfilling life, positively impacting the lives of the animal and human learners you work with. Join us in this awesome episode and turn your aspirations into ripples. LINKS; website: IAABC online course: Links to videos Freestyle routines
Mon, September 11, 2023
Michele Pouliot; 51 Years of Animal Training Wisdom [Episode 209]
Welcome, appreciated listener of the ATA podcast show. We know you're eager to master your personal animal training skills using a force-free approach. Moreover, you aim to make a significant positive difference with the work you do! Thus, the challenge isn't solely about honing your training skills, but also about conveying the value of positive reinforcement to others. How do you advocate for positive reinforcement, especially when faced with those who still rely on aversive tools? Such challenges can indeed be frustrating, stressful, and overwhelming. Enter Michele Pouliot, your guide in this episode. With an impressive 51 years of experience, Michele isn't just an expert; she's someone who's trodden the path you're on. We delve deep in our discussion, but here are three major takeaways to bolster your ability to influence others: Takeaway 1: Be kind - a philosophy that forges trust between you and those you collaborate with. Takeaway 2: Continually hone your skills in effective communication. Michele will provide insights on introducing alternative techniques gracefully. Takeaway 3: Recognize and cater to each learner's unique needs, appreciating the vital role adaptability plays in teaching. With such profound insights just a click away, you won't want to miss this episode. Embracing Michele's wisdom isn't just about professional development; it's a strategy to sidestep the pitfalls of frustration, overwhelm, and burnout. By listening to this episode, you'll amplify your skills, knowledge, and confidence in influencing others, enabling you to profoundly impact the lives of both animal and human learners you engage with. LINKS; website: IAABC online course: Links to videos Freestyle routines  
Mon, August 28, 2023
From the Zoological Society of London to You: Insights from Jim Mackie; [Episode 208]
In this enlightening episode, we've tailored content especially for you, the passionate animal trainer eager to refine your skills. We recognize that, despite your dedication, the path to mastering animal training can sometimes feel overwhelming, filled with complexities and challenges. That's where our expert guest, Jim Mackie, steps in. With over two decades at The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and as their first-ever Animal Behaviour Management Officer, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge on evidence-based training techniques. He offers you a clear three-step plan in this episode: Seize learning opportunities by connecting with top-tier education bodies like BIAZA, EAZA, and the Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC). Emphasize quality over quantity in your training sessions, ensuring each moment is impactful and purposeful. Seek out a supportive community where you can exchange experiences, gain guidance, and grow alongside fellow trainers. With Jim's insights and this actionable approach, you're equipped to sidestep common pitfalls and embrace an ethical and effective training methodology. Dive into this episode with us, and let's help you grow your animal training skills, knowledge and confidence so that you can have your biggest possible positive impact on the lives of all the animal and human learners you work with!  Links The Animal Behaviour Training Council [ABTC] >>> ABTC standards >>> Zoo Animal Training Symposium poster Register for the ZATS 2023 conference HERE
Mon, August 14, 2023
Paws & Effect: Level Up Your Training Skills with Tabitha Kucera [Episode 207]
Welcome to an inspiring episode of our podcast designed just for you - a passionate listener striving to master your personal animal training skills. We know that you are eager to deepen your understanding and connection with animals. Yet, you may often face challenges that can, at times, lead to feelings of overwhelm and helplessness. But in this episode, get ready to meet your guide, Tabitha Kucera. As a renowned animal behaviour consultant and one of only 30 Veterinary Technician Specialists in Behavior globally, Tabitha will provide you with her profound understanding of animals. Her commitment to improving human-animal relationships will help you navigate through the complex landscape of animal training. Tabitha shares a clear, actionable three-step plan to level up your animal training skills: Build good relationships with veterinarians Engage clients effectively in cooperative care Recognize the importance of mental health in your role as an animal trainer, and prioritize fostering good mental health Tabitha's call to action is for you to embrace this three-step plan. Apply it to your own training practices and experience the joy of making a more positive impact on the lives of both human and animal learners. By adopting this plan, you can bypass feelings of overwhelm and helplessness, navigate your animal training challenges more effectively, avoid burnout, and foster resilience and growth in your skills. After tuning into this episode and incorporating Tabitha's insightful advice, you'll find yourself better equipped to handle your training challenges. Your newfound knowledge paves the way to successful training sessions, We aim to bolster your self-confidence and help you lead a fulfilling life as an animal trainer. Imagine a future where you continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the animal and human learners you work with. This episode is your stepping stone on this rewarding journey. Tune in, and embark on your journey to master your animal training skills. Links Happy Vet Visit handout I refer to and others >>> Website >>> Podcast Instagram Facebook  
Mon, July 31, 2023
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