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It's me, your friend Busy Philipps! My creative partner Caissie St. Onge & I love making things that we believe people need & will love & we’ve had so many plans. We had plans to do a TV show that would shake up late night! And we think it kinda did! For six months. We adored our genius, scrappy creative team at “Busy Tonight” as much as we loved our audience, so when we broke the news that we’d been canceled, we vowed to get back up & make even bigger plans to invent a whole new way of doing things in the entertainment biz, to reunite our beautiful staff & change the game for everyone! An entertainment Utopia! And we were so close, then...the world changed. Now those plans are, at the very least, on hold. So, we've shifted gears, like everyone has had to, & with our friends, we're just doing our best, taking it slow & talking to fascinating friends about how *they* are doing *their* best. They’ll tell us all about those times in their lives when a setback actually led to the right thing. Maybe it was a job that didn't pan out, but opened the door to an even more perfect one, or maybe it's how they studied for years to do the thing they thought was their calling, only to fall into something else that felt like kismet. The thing is, we want to share those moments because right now EVERYBODY is having one of those moments. Maybe we'll all learn something life-changing or maybe we'll just have a conversation where we break down in tears, then laugh at ourselves for crying. Whatever happens, we can assure you, Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best!

Heather Morris
This week, Busy & Caissie compare their experiences seeing the movie everyone is talking about, which they can’t name, because of the strike. Caissie also clarifies what she wasn’t doing to her husband in broad daylight in the parking lot of a big box home repair store. Then, actor, dancer, singer, model and one of the stars of a massively popular hit TV show that also shan’t be named, Heather Morris, joins the party to talk about why she’s nervous about her sons running around naked with a new dog in the house and why she’s so glad she never got a Slushee to the face in the aforementioned show. Plus, she talks about a serious and deeply personal pivot that occurred during her time on that show. And, she discusses her latest gig as Executive Producer of the darkly comedic dramatic podcast, “The Bystanders.” Season 2 is out now, starring Jane Lynch, Darren Criss, Margaret Cho, Kathleen Turner and more! SPONSORS: promo code BEST or 50% off your first order PLUS free shipping on the protein packed, preservative free cat food of the 21st century! promo code BEST for an additional 10% off your order of MixHers nutritional supplements to balance hormones for a 1 year-supply of Vitamin D, plus 5 free travel packs of AG1’s special blend of 75 high quality vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics and adaptogens with your first order http://BEISTRAVEL.COM/best for 15% off your first luggage purchase At any store, you can buy 1 JuneShine package of premium canned cocktails with no added sugar, and get the 2nd for only a penny ($0.01). Go to, text them a photo of your receipt, and they’ll Venmo you immediately! for 10% off your 1st month of flexible, affordable, online therapy
Wed, July 26, 2023
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