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US: Kim Jong Un to meet Putin for weapons talks in Russia
It's believed the North Korean leader will discuss supplying arms to Russia for use in Ukraine. Also: scientists say invasive species are responsible for the majority of plant and animal extinctions, and the search engine Google turns 25.
Tue, September 5, 2023
Africa aims to be leader in green energy
The Kenyan president has opened Africa's first climate summit, urging fellow leaders to focus on solutions rather than who's to blame for global warming. Also: Ukraine's Defence Minister confirms he is leaving his post, and we hear from dogs performing with an orchestra in Denmark.
Mon, September 4, 2023
Ukrainian generals claim they have punched through a key Russian line
The generals say Ukrainian troops have breached the first line of Russian defences in the south, near Zaporizhzhia. Also: many people killed after air strike on Sudanese capital, and Paul McCartney launches a global search for his missing Beatles' 1961 Höfner guitar.
Mon, September 4, 2023
Israeli police clash with Eritrean asylum seekers
Dozens of people are reported injured in Tel Aviv as demonstrations turned violent. Also: Ukraine's tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky detained in fraud case, and US singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett dies aged seventy-six.
Sun, September 3, 2023
The Happy Pod: The gift of sight
Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, the extraordinary difference a pioneering stem cell treatment has made to one of its patients, the man who saved a toddler as she fell from an apartment block in Italy. And, a chance to hear our politics correspondent, Rob Watson, like you've never heard him before.
Sat, September 2, 2023
Lengthy sentences for 2 more Proud Boys
The members of the Pro-Trump group were convicted over the US Capitol attack in January 2021. Also: Christie's cancels sales of jewellery from the widow of a German billionaire who made his fortune during the Nazi era, And Mohamed Al Fayed - the Egyptian businessman who owned Harrods in London has died.
Fri, September 1, 2023
Thailand's ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra has jail term slashed
74-year-old had appealed for a royal pardon from the Thai king. Also: Hong Kong is hit by a massive hurricane and why some bloggers in Russia are allowed to criticise the war in Ukraine.
Fri, September 1, 2023
Ramaphosa: South Africa building fire a 'great tragedy'
The President calls for urgent action to address inner city housing problems after dozens were killed. Also: Long sentences for two former leaders of the far-right Proud Boys for their role in the storming of the Capitol building in Washington in 2021, and the massive Watusi bull spotted in the passenger seat of a car on the move in Nebraska.
Fri, September 1, 2023
More than 70 dead in Johannesburg fire
A fire in a block of flats in the South African city of Johannesburg has killed more than 70 people. Officials said bodies had been found piled up at a locked gate that had prevented people fleeing. It's not known what caused the blaze. Also: the man the military has named as Gabon's interim leader says the ousted president Ali Bongo had no right to continue in office, and we find out how a team of online love scammers was brought down in Indonesia.
Thu, August 31, 2023
International condemnation of Gabon coup
The deposed president, Ali Bongo, appeals for support while under house arrest. Also: Hurricane Idalia batters the US state of Florida before heading to Georgia, and Switzerland proposes sweeping new laws to combat money laundering.
Wed, August 30, 2023
Gabon coup: Army annuls elections and seizes power
Military officers have placed President Ali Bongo under house arrest. Also: overnight drone and missile attacks on targets in both Russia and Ukraine, and Hurricane Idalia makes landfall in Florida.
Wed, August 30, 2023
Wagner boss laid to rest in Russia
Yevgeny Prigozhin was buried during a private service in his home town of St Petersburg. Also: Evacuation orders are issued in parts of Florida as an extremely dangerous hurricane heads towards the US Gulf coast, and could music from Mozart help to reduce pain in babies?
Tue, August 29, 2023
Pakistani court suspends Imran Khan's jail sentence
But the former Prime Minister is unlikely to be released soon. Also: A new study by the Energy Policy Institute of Chicago says the impact of air pollution is now the greatest external threat to human health - and people in South Asia are among the worst affected, and how doctors in Australia extracted a live worm from a woman's brain.
Tue, August 29, 2023
Rubiales resignation demanded by Spanish football leaders
Spanish Football Federation regional leaders have called on their president Luis Rubiales to immediately resign after he kissed the player Jenni Hermoso at the Women's World Cup final in Australia. Also: Trump faces trial a day before the vital Republican vote on Super Tuesday, and what was discovered in a time capsule when it was opened at the US Military Academy at West Point?
Tue, August 29, 2023
Shares plummet in Chinese real-estate company Evergrande
The big drop highlights China's current problems in the property sector. Also: The billionaire founder of the electronics giant Foxconn is announcing he'll run for the presidency of Taiwan, and France announces that it is banning schoolgirls from wearing abayas, the loose fitting full length robes usually worn by Muslims.
Mon, August 28, 2023
Moscow says Wagner boss Prigozhin confirmed dead in plane crash
Russian officials say Yevgeny Prigozhin has been confirmed dead after genetic analysis of bodies found in Wednesday's plane crash. Also: Zimbabwean opposition leader has accused Emmerson Mnangagwa of carrying out a coup after official results showed the president won the recent election, and an Austrian town protests against mass tourism.
Mon, August 28, 2023
Fifa suspends Spanish FA president over kiss at women's World Cup
Luis Rubiales refused to resign after kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips following Spain's victory in Australia. Also: thousands mark the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's March on Washington, and a high-altitude heist shocks Switzerland.
Sun, August 27, 2023
The Happy Pod: Relief and joy: Pakistan cable car rescue
Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, huge relief in Pakistan after the rescue of two adults and six schoolboys after a cable car line snapped, the volunteers in Switzerland protecting livestock from wolves and therefore wolves from people, and some of the very best things about this year's Women's football world cup.
Sat, August 26, 2023
Spain's women's team refuse to play until football boss is removed
Luis Rubiales has refused to resign after kissing Jenni Hermoso at the women's World Cup final in Australia. Also: Maui officials release list of those still missing after recent wildfires, and the Trump mugshot sends social media into a frenzy with memes and jokes.
Sat, August 26, 2023
Spanish football boss refuses to resign despite pressure
In a defiant speech, Luis Rubiales claimed an unsolicited kiss he gave a player after her world cup triumph, was consensual. Also: Donald Trump becomes the first former or serving US president to have his mugshot taken, and the latest manifestation of 'Swiftonomics' - what impact is Taylor Swift expected to have on the economies of the cities her one-hundred date world-tour is taking in?
Fri, August 25, 2023
Trump surrenders to Georgia authorities
The former president faces election 2020 fraud charges. He denies all thirteen charges, which include racketeering and making false statements. Also: President Putin breaks his silence over the presumed death of the Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin; and scientists observe a catastrophic die-off of emperor penguin chicks in Antarctica.
Fri, August 25, 2023
Ukraine not responsible for Prigozhin plane crash, says Kyiv
Speculation mounts after Wagner mercenary boss is presumed dead. Also: Japan begins pumping more than a million tonnes of treated radioactive water into the Pacific ocean and a sound on the island of Ireland that hasn't been heard for 200 years.
Thu, August 24, 2023
Wagner’s Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead in plane crash
Prigozhin was on the passenger list of a jet which crashed in Russia killing everyone on board. Also, Donald Trump's former lawyer is booked on conspiracy charges, graphic evidence from Andrew Tate’s court case in Romania and fans say The Rolling Stones have announced a new album in a surprising way.
Wed, August 23, 2023
India makes historic Moon landing
Scientists hope to deploy a rover on the lunar surface to send images and data back to Earth. Also: Zimbabweans vote in a crucial presidential election, and a rare baby giraffe is born with no spots.
Wed, August 23, 2023
Pakistan cable car: Relief as all passengers saved
All eight people who were stuck in a cable car dangling above a ravine have been rescued. The BRICS economic group - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa- consider adding new members to their bloc. Also: The latest from forest fires in Greece and Canada, and the rapper in Tunisia using her words to push for social change.
Wed, August 23, 2023
Cable car rescue underway in Pakistan
Rescuers are working to free eight people trapped in a cable car dangling above a ravine. Also: 18 bodies found in Greece after a forest fire, and Scotland looks to Portugal for inspiration on how to tackle drug abuse.
Tue, August 22, 2023
Biden arrives in Hawaii after deadly wildfires
Hundreds of people are still missing as the US President visits Maui. Also: Spain’s Women's World Cup champions arrive in Madrid, and a new Artificial Intelligence tool which measures the health of your heart.
Mon, August 21, 2023
Saudi Arabia accused of killing Ethiopian migrants at border
Human Rights Watch says hundreds of people have been gunned down by security forces. Also: the British serial killer nurse who murdered at least seven babies has been sentenced to life in prison, and we learn about a refurbished ship using wind power to carry cargo.
Mon, August 21, 2023
California prepares for Storm Hilary's arrival
The storm has made landfall on Mexico's Pacific coast and is heading for the south-western US. Also: why Russia's first moon mission in nearly fifty years has ended in failure, and how cats and dogs are helping war-ravaged Ukrainians.
Mon, August 21, 2023
Russian missile strike kills seven and injures 129, says Ukraine
Officials say seven people, including a 6-year-old child, died when a missile struck a theatre in the northern city of Chernihiv. Also: the man attempting to swim the length of America's Hudson River, and the Italian prime minister's unusual act of diplomacy, after four Italian tourists left a restaurant in Albania without paying.
Sun, August 20, 2023
The Happy Pod: The disabled TV director pushing for change
Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, Jordan Hogg and his campaign to get more disabled people working in the film and TV industry, the Ukrainian soldier who became a ballet star after losing both legs in the war, and the surfers rescued after 36 hours adrift off Indonesia.
Sat, August 19, 2023
US, South Korea and Japan hold historic summit
The leaders of the three countries agreed to expand military and economic ties, and condemned China's actions in the South China Sea at a historic summit. Also: a nurse found guilty of murdering babies in her care has become Britain's most prolific child serial killer in modern times, and why Iceland's prime minister writes crime novels in her spare time.
Sat, August 19, 2023
Officials say thousands have starved to death in Tigray
The BBC has been told that fourteen hundred people have died of starvation in Ethiopia's Tigray region since international food aid was suspended. Also: Russia has accused Ukraine of launching a drone attack on Moscow's business district, and Italian cheesemakers use technology to stop counterfeit cheese.
Fri, August 18, 2023
Trump: Police investigate threats against grand jury
Georgia officials say the names and addresses of jurors have been shared online, after they voted to indict former President Donald Trump. Also: Britain invites Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to visit, outraging human rights groups. And the musician Nile Rodgers accuses a far-right political party in Switzerland of stealing his hit song "We Are Family".
Thu, August 17, 2023
ECOWAS threatens to send troops to Niger
West African military chiefs warn Niger junta they will send in troops. Also, entire city in Canada warned to evacuate because of fires, and South Korean teachers put their foot down.
Thu, August 17, 2023
Trump could face Georgia trial next March
The Fulton County prosecutor recommends a trial date for the former president's latest charges. Also: More than 60 migrants are presumed dead after their vessel sank off the coast of Cape Verde in West Africa. And the story of an Irish bank with unlimited withdrawals.
Wed, August 16, 2023
Ukrainian ex-POWs allege torture at Russian prison
Former Ukrainian prisoners of war say they were subjected to torture at a Russian detention centre. Also: the Vietnamese electric car start-up VinFast is now worth almost twice as much as Ford or General Motors. And, in Women's Football World Cup semi-final, England have beaten Australia.
Wed, August 16, 2023
Afghanistan: Two years on from Taliban takeover
The government claims its restrictions on women's rights will not last forever. Also: More than a million people have fled Sudan, as aid agencies say the crisis is spiralling out of control. And, almost 50 years after its creation, why so many people still love the Rubik's Cube.
Tue, August 15, 2023
Trump indicted by Georgia grand jury
The former US president describes the charges as a 'witch hunt'. The indictment lists 13 counts against Mr Trump, who's accused of trying to overturn the last presidential election result. Also: Two years on from the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, women in the country tell us about their lives, and why the true story that inspired the Oscar-winning film, The Blind Side, has taken a much darker turn.
Tue, August 15, 2023
Russian rouble hits symbolic low
The central bank in Moscow prepares to hold a special meeting as the currency falls sharply against the US dollar. Also: The US, UN and West African leaders condemn threats by Niger's coup leaders to prosecute the ousted president. And 200 people follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, setting sail on the same route he took around the world.
Mon, August 14, 2023
Niger: Ousted president to be prosecuted
The leaders of last month's coup say Mohamed Bazoum will be tried for high treason. Also, a colourful far-right candidate wins a primary election in Argentina, and fan letters written by Beatle George Harrison's mother go up for auction.
Mon, August 14, 2023
Hawaii wildfires 'deadliest in modern US history'
Appeals for federal help as hundreds still unaccounted for. Also: Russia FIRES warning shots at ship in the Black Sea for the first time since Moscow pulled out of a deal allowing safe passage through it, and a Belgian university launches a Taylor Swift inspired course.
Sun, August 13, 2023
Search for victims intensifies after Hawaii wildfires
Hundreds of people are still unaccounted for days after the fires broke out in Maui. Also: Niger president "in good spirits" despite detention, and the scientist in Switzerland who has decided to save the last bit of his favourite glacier in his own freezer!
Sun, August 13, 2023
The Happy Pod: Six months on, revisiting the baby born under the rubble
Our weekly collection of the happiest stories in the world. This week, Afraa, the newborn rescued from the debris of Syria’s earthquake, is a symbol of hope, the mother and daughter who won the lottery to travel to space, and the dog who surfed to victory at the world championships.
Sat, August 12, 2023
US special counsel to investigate Biden's son Hunter
The prosecutor, David Weiss, who brought criminal charges against Hunter Biden will get additional powers. Also: Ukraine sacks army conscription officials for taking bribes, and California approves driverless taxi expansion in San Francisco.
Sat, August 12, 2023
China claims it's uncovered a CIA spy in its network
Authorities say ‘Zeng’ was influenced by trips to the opera with a CIA agent. Also: South Africa's former president, Jacob Zuma is released from prison after one hour, and the Pokemon World Championships begins in Japan for the first time.
Fri, August 11, 2023
Iran releases US dual nationals into house arrest
The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomed the releases of the prisoners in Iran but said their transfer to house arrest was just a first step. Also: West African nations to assemble "standby force" over Niger, and Virgin Galactic takes its first tourists to the edge of space.
Fri, August 11, 2023
Ukrainians close to a Russian front line are told to leave immediately
There's been an increase in Russian attacks in the Kharkiv region. Also: West African leaders say dialogue with the leaders of the coup in Niger will be the 'bedrock' of their approach to the crisis, and there’s a state of emergency in Ecuador as a presidential candidate is assassinated weeks before polls open.
Thu, August 10, 2023
Fatalities in Hawaii as wildfires engulf Maui
Six people have died and many more have been injured on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Also: an investigation is launched into the deaths of migrants in a boat off Lampedusa, and the Sugar Man musician Sixto Rodriguez dies aged 81.
Thu, August 10, 2023
At least 40 migrants feared dead after boat sinks near Italy
Reports say the vessel had set off from Tunisia. Also: China slips into deflation as consumer prices decline, and Poland increases troop numbers on its border with Belarus.
Wed, August 9, 2023
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