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The future is always bright…if you know where to look. Join me each week for A Bit of Optimism - I talk to inspiring people who teach me more about life, leadership and general interesting things.

Purpose over Profit with Thrive Causemetics CEO Karissa Bodnar
How do you run a thriving company that cares more about impact than about profit and margins?Karissa Bodnar is a genius CEO who dedicated herself to building a cause-based company. Thrive Causemetics started out of her one-bedroom apartment and now it’s a massively successful brand that has donated over $139 million of value to those in need.We sat down to talk about finding your purpose, leading younger generations, and so much more.  This is… A Bit of Optimism.For more on Karissa and her work check out:
Tue, October 10, 2023
Beautiful Conflict with the poet Yung Pueblo
How are you? It’s a question we get asked everyday, but we hardly ever answer it honestly.  When Diego Perez — also known under his penname, Yung Pueblo — started asking himself that question and answering honestly, his entire life changed.In this conversation, Diego opens up about his own struggles with addiction and shares hard-earned wisdom about conflict, spirituality, and so much more.This is...A Bit of Optimism.For more of Yung Pueblo's work check out: his new book out today The Way Forward
Tue, October 3, 2023
Power with Robert Greene
How do people become powerful? Can understanding power protect us from those who wield it too strongly?When Robert Greene first set out to write about power, he didn’t have much of it. He worked odd jobs and was largely at the mercy of other people’s power. Now, his book “The 48 Laws of Power” has given him the power he wrote about. He sat down with me to share what he’s learned on both sides of that spectrum.This… is a Bit of Optimism.For more on Robert and his work, check out:
Tue, September 26, 2023
Failing Well with Dr. Amy Edmondson
Failure is the secret to success. Our failures are agents of inspiration, iteration, and innovation.  Dr. Amy Edmondson is the Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and her newest book "Right Kind of Wrong" is all about how we can change our relationship with failures and start “failing well.”  This is…A Bit of Optimism.For more on Dr. Amy Edmondson and her work check out:
Tue, September 19, 2023
Happier-ness with Arthur Brooks
You’ll never achieve perfect happiness. This might sound like bad news, but it’s actually a good thing. Because being happy is not a final destination, it’s an ongoing practice. In short, it’s happier-ness.That’s a term Arthur Brooks and Oprah Winfrey coined in their new book “Build the Life You Want” where together they lay out a blueprint for a better life. And they would know: Arthur has studied the science of happiness for over 25 years, and I have never had a conversation with him that I haven’t left with a life-changing perspective on what it means to live a meaningful life. This conversation was no different.This… is a Bit of Optimism.For more on Arthur and his work check out:
Tue, September 12, 2023
Intuition vs. Reason with Liv Boeree
When should we trust our gut and when should we depend on logic? Liv Boeree can actually answer that question.  She won the World Series of Poker before retiring from the game to explore big questions about game theory, competition, and how we can all find more win-wins.This is…a Bit of Optimism.For more on Liv and her work check out:
Tue, September 5, 2023
When to Quit with Steven Bartlett (Part 2)
When should you quit a project and when should you persevere?As one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, Steven Bartlett has thought deeply about this problem.Steven is used to getting people to open up on his podcast, but it turns out he’s just as insightful when the focus is on him. This is…a Bit of Optimism.For more on Steven and his work check out: His new book: website:
Tue, August 29, 2023
Sweating the Small Stuff with Steven Bartlett (Part 1)
How you do anything is how you do everything.Steven Bartlett embodies this old adage.  His high standards and focus on the finest details launched him from a broke university dropout to one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.At 30-years-old he has already founded multiple companies, starred on Britain’s hit tv show Dragon’s Den, and he is now the host of one of the planet’s most popular podcasts, Diary of a CEO.  He is a leader for the new era. It was a joy to turn the tables on him and have him talk about himself for a change. His new book, Diary of a CEO, is available for pre-order now. This is…a Bit of Optimism.For more on Steven and his work check out: His new book: website:
Tue, August 22, 2023
Community and Empowerment with Sharmadean Reid
Great businesses often look a lot like social movements.  Sharmadean Reid knows this from experience—she has combined technology and culture to create multiple businesses around strong communities. She started her first business at 24, creating a nail salon that changed the beauty industry. Now she runs a media network for the next generation of women in power.  This is…A Bit of Optimism.For more on Sharmadean and her work, check out:https://thestack.world
Tue, August 15, 2023
Leadership with General CQ Brown, Jr.
For this 4th of July, I wanted to do something special to celebrate the birth of our nation. So I invited Air Force Chief of Staff General CQ Brown, Jr. to join me on the podcast. General Brown is the head of the Air Force and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is also the current nominee to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. If he is confirmed as Chairman later this year, it would make him the most senior-ranked member of the United States military. General Brown is humble, approachable, credible, and super inspiring. This is… A Bit of Optimism.For more on General Brown and his work, check out: His Leadership Library: comments in the wake of George Floyd: bio:
Tue, July 4, 2023
Preparing for Change with Cassandra Worthy
Change is inevitable.  And yet fear, anger, and confusion are often our first reactions to changes. Cassandra Worthy experienced the negative emotions that stem from change so many times that she now sees them for what they really are: signals for opportunity. Now, she helps companies and individuals thrive during times of major change. This is… A Bit of Optimism.For more on Cassandra and her work check out: Her book Change Enthusiasm
Tue, June 27, 2023
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