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The Pen Addict is a weekly fix for all things stationery. Pens, pencils, paper, ink – you name it, and Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley are into it. Join as they geek out over the analog tools they love so dearly. Hosted by Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley.

581: A Wand, a Skull, and Two Octopuses
Brad is back from Orlando, but did he even go to the pen show? Apparently yes, but he returned with an unexpected haul.
Wed, September 13, 2023
580: You're Going to Regret All of This
The Raffle for St. Jude is now live on The Pen Addict, and wow, do we have the goods! Brad and Myke discuss all of the amazing community participation so far, and look forward to what is next. Brad also prepares for the Orlando Pen Show, but not before they discuss a Kickstarter resurrection neither of them wanted to see.
Wed, September 6, 2023
579: You Should Not Buy This Nib
The highly anticipated Pilot nib ranking finally happens on this episode, with Brad counting down from number 15 to his favorite nib in the top spot. Which ones should you buy, and which should you avoid? Brad writes it all out on this episode.
Wed, August 30, 2023
578: Business Crush It Vibes
It’s San Francisco Pen Show week, and Brad has all the FOMO. He goes through his “If he were there” shopping list, looks at the new Kaweco EBONIT Sport, and finally begins testing 15 different Pilot nibs.
Wed, August 23, 2023
577: They’re Generally Covered in Ink
Brad and Myke break down a slew of new products this week, which include a classic notebook maker, and a brand new one. They also give out a few tips for the upcoming San Francisco Pen Show.
Wed, August 16, 2023
576: We Had Ourselves a Trip
Brad is back from the Washington D.C. Fountain Pen SUPERSHOW, and has tales to tell.
Wed, August 9, 2023
It’s Washington D.C. Fountain Pen Supershow time, and Brad, for once, is prepared! He discusses his gameplan for what will be a busy show, but not before getting ready for Hobonichi SZN.
Wed, August 2, 2023
574: Smells Fuzzy
Brad is back from his Uni-ball talk and spills all the tea. Before that, he and Myke break down the new Pilot Vanishing point Limited Edition, and try to sort out the latest from Pilot’s ILMILY stationery lineup.
Wed, July 26, 2023
570: Witchy Whatever
Video games and stationery are a perfect match, and who better to discuss both topics than Miranda Sanchez. We discuss her prolific journaling habit, get some journaling advice, and break down her relatively new fountain pen obsession. Plus, we chat podcasting, and all things Twitch streaming.
Wed, June 28, 2023
569: By the Way I’m Also the President
Myke is back, and he and Brad catch up on his digital travels in our analog space. Brad also follows up on his conversation with Uni-ball over the Kuru Toga Dive kerfuffle, and he breaks down a few new products that have crossed his desk over recent weeks.
Wed, June 21, 2023
568: I Wanted To Go The Slow Way
This week, Brad is joined by Frank Pressentin of Elbwood to discuss his beautifully handcrafted work. From his late start in life to his current meticulous manufacturing, they cover it all in this episode.
Wed, June 14, 2023
567: Just Delete Our Podcast
What would bring Brad to say this? Well, it’s an all ASK TPA episode of the podcast this week, and he has thoughts!
Wed, June 7, 2023
566: A Boat on Your Desk
In this episode, Brad and Myke ride a Balloon out over the Sea to get a beautiful view of the Horizon. Brad also inks up new pens.
Wed, May 31, 2023
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