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For the girlies who overthink and care too much - Trying Not to Care dives into life advice, mental health, friendships, breakups, self love and much more. Listen every Monday and follow along on Instagram and TikTok. IG:  @ashleycorbo ( @tryingnot2carepodcast ( Tiktok: @lilbabyaries ( @tryingnottocarepodcast (

75: Listen When You Want to Feel Motivated or Inspired - Advice Session #5
I’ve been a little behind on advice sessions and wanted to get one out there for my besties who are lacking motivation or inspiration.  In today's episode, I answer your questions about  Lowering your screen time  Staying consistent  Being afraid of failure  Changing career paths  Change  Spending time alone  Motivation to workout  If you want to ask me questions, need advice or have any episode ideas, submit here: TNTC Community Google Form This episode is sponsored by Dipsea To get 30 days of full access for free go to This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp - Give online therapy a try: get 10% off your first month ♡MY SOCIALS♡ Instagram: personal, podcast TikTok: personal, podcast Youtube Revolve, Amazon Storefront + more: LTX TNTC COMMUNITY GROUPCHAT: Business Inquiries: 
Mon, August 7, 2023
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