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Death by a thousand microservices
Andrei Taranchenko says the software industry is learning once again that complexity kills, Casey Muratori outlines a long list of Unity alternatives, Filip Szkandera builds a functioning (macro) processor for RISC-V & Matt Basta tells the tale of the time he built a web-based Excel clone inside Uber only to have it discarded a week later.
Mon, September 18, 2023
What do we want from a web browser?
A hoy hoy! Our old friend Nick Nisi does his best to bring up TypeScript, Vim & Tmux as many times as possible while we discuss a new batch of web browsers, justify why we like the ones we do & try to figure out what it’d take to disrupt the status quo of Big Browser.
Fri, September 15, 2023
Attack of the Canaries!
This week we’re joined by Haroon Meer from Thinkst — the makers of Canary and Canary Tokens. Haroon walks us through a network getting compromised, what it takes to deploy a Canary on your network, how they maintain low false-positive numbers, their thoughts and principles on building their business (major wisdom shared!), and how a Canary helps surface network attacks in real time.
Wed, September 13, 2023
Bun 1.0 is here & Mojo is ready for download
Bun 1.0 is out of the oven, Mojo is now available for local download, Vince Lwt asked 60+ LLMs a set of 20 questions & published the answers, Textual Web turns TUIs in to web applications & James Haydon dives deep to discover the bug that the UK air traffic control meltdown.
Mon, September 11, 2023
Doomed to discuss AI
Author, journalist, travel writer & software engineer Jon Evans joins us to weigh in on the cultural history (and present-day sentiment) of AI doom. Along the way, we talk plausible Sci-Fi, ultrasound drug delivery, the maybe-evolving laws of physics & even weirder stuff.
Fri, September 8, 2023
OpenTF for an open Terraform
This week we’re talking about the launch of OpenTF and what it’s going to take to successfully fork HashiCorp’s Terraform. We’re joined by Josh Padnick to discuss what exactly happened, how HashiCorp’s license change changes things, who has been impacted by this change, and ultimately what they are doing about it.
Wed, September 6, 2023
A portrait of the best worst programmer
Dan North tells the tale of Tim, the worst programmer he’s worked with (who also is a heck of a programmer), Kevin Lin declares that OpenTelemetry delivers on its promise for open observability, Justin Garrison details Terraform vs GitOps vs System Initiative, Inc. writes how Apple beats burnout & Aline Lerner’s advice on how (not) to sabotage your salary negotiations before you even start.
Tue, September 5, 2023
You call it tech debt I call it malpractice
Go Time panelist (and semi-professional unpopular opinion maker) Kris Brandow joins us to discuss his deep-dive on the waterfall paper, his dislike of the “tech debt” analogy, why documentation matters so much & how everything is a distributed system.
Fri, September 1, 2023
Back to the terminal of the future
This week on The Changelog Adam is joined by Zach Lloyd, Founder & CEO of Warp. We talked with Zach last year about what it takes to build the terminal of the future, and today Adam catches up with Zach to see where they are at on that mission. They talk about the business model of Warp, how they measure success, reaching product/market fit, building features developers love, integrating AI, and the pros and cons of going open source (again).
Wed, August 30, 2023
OpenTF sticks a fork in Terraform
OpenTF announces they’re forking Terraform and joining the Linux Foundation, Meta gets in the LLM-for-codegen game with Code Llama, Matt Mullenweg announces’s new 100-year plan, Paul Gichuki from Thinkst learns that default behaviors stick (and so do examples) & Marco Otte-Witte makes his case for Rust on the web.
Mon, August 28, 2023
The serenity of building your own OS
This week we’re talking to Andreas Kling about SerenityOS and Ladybird. Andreas started SerenityOS as a means of therapy. It’s self-described as a love letter to “‘90s user interfaces with a custom Unix-like core.” Andreas previously worked at Nokia and later at Apple on the WebKit team, so he had an itch to do something along the lines of a browser, and that’s where Ladybird came from. We get into the details of compilers, OSs, browsers, web specifications, and the love of making software.
Thu, August 24, 2023
All your CAPTCHAs are belong to bots
New research shows that CAPTCHAs are now utterly useless, hundreds of concerned technologists signed the OpenTF Manifesto to keep Terraform open source forever, Josh Collinsworth writes down all the things you forgot (or never knew) because of React, Mike Seidle shared some quick-but-powerful advice on building new software features & Erlend Sogge Heggen urges new open source projects to join the Fediverse (by way of Mastodon).
Mon, August 21, 2023
An aberrant generation of programmers
Our friend Justin Searls recently published a widely-read essay on enthusiast programmers, inter-generational conflict & what we do with this information. That seemed like a good conversation starter, so we grabbed Justin and Landon Gray to discuss. Let’s talk!
Fri, August 18, 2023
30 years of Debian
This week we’re talking with Jonathan Carter who’s on his fourth term as Debian Project Lead (DPL) and we’re talking about 30 years of Debian!
Thu, August 17, 2023
The relicensings will continue until morale improves
HashiCorp adopts a Business Source license, Matt Rickard hypothesizes why Tailwind CSS won, WarpStream sets out to make a Kafka-compatible offering directly on S3, Vadim Kravcenko publishes an excellent guide for managing difficult software engineers & Russ Cox gives an update on Go 2.
Mon, August 14, 2023
Kaizen! S3 R2 B2 D2
Gerhard joins us for the 11th Kaizen and this one might contain the most improvements ever. We’re on Fly Apps V2, we’ve moved from S3 to R2 & we have a status page now, just to name a few.
Fri, August 11, 2023
Thinking outside the box of code
Leslie Lamport is a computer scientist & mathematician who won ACM’s Turing Award in 2013 for his fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of distributed and concurrent systems. He also created LaTeX and TLA+, a high-level language for “writing down the ideas that go into the program before you do any coding.”
Wed, August 9, 2023
The open source licensing war is over?
Matt Asay thinks the open source licensing war is over, LangUI is an open source Tailwind component library for your AI chat app, Ivan Kuleshov modded a Mac mini to run via PoE, Apple joins Pixar and others in the Alliance for OpenUSD & John D. Cook says sometimes you shouldn’t pick the best tool for the job.
Mon, August 7, 2023
DX on DX
This week Adam is joined by Abi Noda, founder and CEO of DX to talk about DX AKA DevEx (or the long-form Developer Experience). Since the dawn of software development there has been this push to understand what makes software teams efficient, but more importantly what does it take to understand developer productivity? That’s what Abi has been focused on for the better part of the last 8 years of his career. He started a company called Pull Panda that was acquired by GitHub, spent a few years there on this problem before going out on his own to start DX which helps startups to the fortune 500 companies gather real insights that leads to real improvement.
Thu, August 3, 2023
Something interesting is going on at Stack Overflow
The fall of Stack Overflow, researches dig up some new (and potentially unavoidable) LLM attacks, Google proposes a new API that Ron Amadeo calls a DRM gatekeeper for the web, the Python Steering Council affirms PEP 703 & Lucas McGregor writes why no one wants to talk to your chatbot.
Mon, July 31, 2023
Homelab nerds, unite!
Ok Homelabbers, it’s time to unite! Join Adam and his new friend Techno Tim for 1.5 hours of homelab goodness. From networking and WiFi, virtualizing Ubuntu running Docker containers, to Home Assistant and automation, building a Kubernetes cluster, to gutting a perfectly good machine just to build exactly what you need to run the ultimate Plex server — that’s what homelab is about. Let’s do this.
Fri, July 28, 2023
From Docker to Dagger
This week we’re joined by Solomon Hykes, the creator of Docker. Now he’s back with his next big thing called Dagger — CI/CD as code that runs anywhere. We’re users of Dagger so check out our codebase if you want to see how it works. On today’s show Solomon takes us back to the days of Docker, what it was like on that 10 year journey, his transition from Docker to Dagger, Dagger’s community-led growth model, their focus on open source and community, how it works, and even a cameo from Kelsey Hightower to explain how Dagger works.
Fri, July 28, 2023
Supabase quietly went public
Our friends at Supabase quietly went public today, Redpoint’s InfraRed 100 report is out, Twitter is now X, GitHub’s Copilot Chat now in public preview (for businesses) & Oxide has homelab plans (in 2050).
Mon, July 24, 2023
AI poisoned its own well, libraries to UnsuckJS, we need more Richard Stallman & ChatGPT package hallucination
Tracy Durnell thinks AI has already poisoned its own well, Adam Hill’s microsite catalogs everything you need to UnsuckJS, Lionel Dricot thinks we need more Richard Stallman, not less & the Vulcan team proves you can’t trust ChatGPT’s package recommendations.
Mon, June 26, 2023
There's a whole PEP about that
Brett Cannon (our unofficial ambassador to the Python community) is here to help alleviate our pip install anxiety. Along the way, we ask him about Python 4, removing the GIL, what he thinks about Chris Lattner’s Mojo project, Rust in the Python world & way more (of course).
Fri, June 23, 2023
Rebuilding DevOps from the ground up
This week we’re joined by Adam Jacob and we’re talking about his mission at System Initiative to rebuild DevOps. They are out of stealth mode and ready to show off their transformative new power tool that reimagines what’s possible from DevOps. It’s an intelligent automation platform that allows DevOps teams to build detailed interactive simulations of their infrastructure and use them to rapidly update their production environments.
Thu, June 22, 2023
An open platform for LLMs, speed matters, imaginary problems, Val Town & how to finish your projects
An open platform for operating LLMs in production, working quickly is more important than it seems, imaginary problems are the root of bad software, Val Town is a social website to write and run code & Aaron Francis’ guide to finishing your projects.
Mon, June 19, 2023
"Mat Depends"
Mat Ryer is back and he’s brought with him 10 tips to be a 10x developer (like he is). After that, we try a new segment we’re calling “Tool Time” (and try out a few jingles for it along the way). Finally, it’s time to review our previous unpopular opinions and put some new ones into the world for your (dis)agreeing pleasure. Join us for an automagical time!
Fri, June 16, 2023
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