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A weekly podcast about the electronics industry. Occasional guests. Lots of laughs.

#641 – Power Transmission with Toby Robb
Fellow Aussie Toby Robb joins Dave to discuss everything related to mains power generation and transmission and his role as a linesman.
Mon, July 31, 2023
#640 – Software Defined Power Supplies with Werner Johansson
Werner Johansson of Qoitech has been working on controlling power supplies with software for a long time. He joins Chris to talk about building systems that can quickly respond to the world, including a heavy focus on battery characterization.
Tue, July 25, 2023
#637 – CH32V003…fun! with CNLohr
CNLohr joins Chris to talk about doing more with small parts like the CH32V003. CN has been working on the publicly available CH32V003fun library, and recently implemented SW only USB!
Sun, June 25, 2023
#636 – Discovering Cursed Connectors
Dave and Chris discuss a teardown of a prosumer recording product, choices around cable connectors, 3G cellular networks, and the end of the EAGLE era
Mon, June 19, 2023
#635 – Low Power Connected Devices with Andrea Longobardi
Andrea Longobardi from AL2tech joins Chris to talk about consulting, projects in the gas monitoring space, finding early clients, moving outside chip companies, and low power connected device design.
Mon, June 5, 2023
#634 – The CAN bus can! with Dr Ken Tindell
Dr Ken Tindell joins Chris to explain the CAN bus, including the history and how CAN is used in modern day cars. Also car hacking, self-driving car questions, standards in the trucking industry, and what automotive computing will look like in the future.
Tue, May 30, 2023
#633 – Engineering Optimization
This week Chris and Dave talk about the regular tasks engineers have in front of them when building a new hardware project: battery, data, features, etc. That plus low cost hardware, hacking devices, figuring out new projects, and more
Mon, May 22, 2023
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