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The Auction Brief, with host Drew Davenport, is a fantasy football show that will give you a unique perspective found nowhere in the fantasy community. He is not only a fantasy football analyst as a writer for Footballguys, but is a legal expert, and an auction draft expert. Enjoy this journey through all aspects of fantasy football with hard hitting analysis, in-depth conversations on how to be a better auction drafter, and discussions with some of the top minds in the fantasy industry. Along the way you might even learn a little about the intersection of life and fantasy football. Powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports. Weekly episodes during fantasy draft season. Find Drew on Twitter: @DrewDavenportFF

Everything You Need to Know Before Your Auction In One Episode
It's the moment the Auction Brief has been building towards all summer long. The Auction Manifesto: Everything you Need to Know about Auctions before your draft. Drew goes back over all the lessons from Season 3 of the show this summer and walks you step-by-step through an auction from the moment you start preparing to the moment you break it down after it's over. Your host leaves no stone unturned as he tells you how to prepare, how to start the draft, how to follow the flow, tips and tricks on bidding and nominations, how to grind in the room, how to read people and situations, how to spot inflection points, and how to finish your draft like a killer. It's all here in one episode. If you only have 90 minutes to prepare for your auction draft then this is the episode for you! Happy Draft Season! @DrewDavenportFF
Thu, August 24, 2023
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