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In thought-provoking conversations, the world of aesthetics unfolds, delving into the struggles, dilemmas, and intriguing questions faced by injectors daily. Dr. Tim and expert guests from the industry explore aesthetic techniques, industry controversies, and advancements that shape the field. Dr Tim’s guests share their desires, goals, and dreams in the realm of aesthetics. Each episode offers a glimpse into what propels individuals in this industry forward in their pursuit of excellence.

'You need to slap your patients in the face'! Stop making boring content & actually get bookings through social media.
Sign up for Miranda's Brand NEW marketing webinar >>> HERE <<<Follow Miranda on Instagram.I'm thrilled to share this podcast episode with you. Many injectors have been asking me about my journey in growing a massive social media and YouTube following. The secret behind it all? My incredible wife, Miranda. She's the true marketing genius behind the Dr. Tim marketing machine. Miranda is gearing up to speak at the world's largest marketing conference, where she'll address an audience of 7000 people. Miranda possesses a remarkable ability to harness the power of social media and marketing to boost your aesthetics business and attract more patients. In this episode, she's revealing her secrets. In this episode we discuss the one thing holding injectors back from successfully marketing their business, why you need to stop posting boring content immediately and what you need to be doing instead to get more patients through your clinic doors. If this episode inspired you then don't forget to sign up to Miranda's brand new marketing webinar where she's going to be revealing the 4 Social Media Hacks An Elite Group Of Injectors Are Using To Go From Zero To Fully Booked In 18 Months. Sign up for the webinar here >>> Follow Dr Tim on Instagram here: Follow Dr Tim on Youtube here:
Mon, September 4, 2023
We need to educate patients, tell them the truth & manage their expectations
The best patients, those you can establish enduring trust and relationships with, are the ones who appreciate being informed. They want to know that you've got their back, especially in case of any complications. They value your expertise and see you as a reliable partner in their aesthetic journey.On the flip side, providing vague information about potential side effects can make you appear unprepared. And if a complication arises, the patient's initial reaction often goes something like, "I wasn't properly informed that this could happen."I know lots of injectors are anxious telling patients about side effects because it may increase their worry, but in fact, when they’re informed correctly, usually the opposite happens.That's why I've teamed up with Nurse Chelsea, who's a strong advocate for patient education. Together, we'll dive deeper into this subject, equipping you with the tools to confidently build relationships and discuss potential side effects in a way that's far from intimidating.Follow Nurse Chelsea on Instagram here: Dr Tim on Instagram here: Follow Dr Tim on Youtube here:
Fri, August 11, 2023
Fueling Business Growth & Empowering Employees.
I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this conversation I had with Dr. Felix Bertram. He’s an extraordinary aesthetics business owner and entrepreneur, and a 'shark' on Switzerland's Shark Tank. Dr. Felix shares his insights on empowering individuals in the aesthetics industry to start their own businesses and get comfortable with risk-taking, to develop a business mindset. We also touch on leadership as Felix tells me that being a good leader in aesthetics comes down to owning and learning from your mistakes, empowering and trusting employees, streamlining processes and choosing to work with the right people…it’s not just about ‘sympathy and vibes’ as Felix puts it, it's about fostering an environment in which employees feel empowered, happy and goal orientated to achieve success. If you’re wanting to start your own business in aesthetics, make the move from healthcare, or are an experienced aesthetics business owner looking to scale, then this conversation is going to help you decide on the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. Follow Dr Felix Bertram on Instagram: The Swiss Aesthetic Institute: Dr Tim on Instagram here: Follow Dr Tim on Youtube here:
Sun, July 2, 2023
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