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Criminal Liberty is MINDSET! Wealth starts INTERNALLY----with a belief. "I'm Worth It!" Watch me on my YouTube channel too!

Don't DEMAND money & stop working! DUH! ask for a raise by RAISING YOUR: 1) skills 2) smiles (attitude is altitude--AND KIND PEOPLE GET MORE RARE EVERY DAY!) 3) gratitude 4) service YOU ARE WORTH IT! THIS IS HOW IT WORKS! don't be like wga & sag aftra & hotel workers--they could end up homeless with kids! EVIL AND GREEDY! YOU YOUR KIDS YOUR FAMILY YOUR COMMUNITY--IS WORTH IT! AND DEPENDING ON YOU! BE the example! Being an entertainer, working on my goals & making people happy along my journey have kept me happy!!!    Let’s empower each other to grow our impact, influence & income TOGETHER! WE ARE WORTH IT! Rhythm for Revenue (podcast) Blog: Tell us how this episode EMPOWERED YOU! --- Send in a voice message: Liberty V Justice (CEO I'm Worth It Inc.)  music Apple: Spotify:  Want a chance to be featured (like Aunt Kathy) on a future episode of the show or YouTube show? --- Send in a voice message: Leave a review  & 5 stars for us in Apple or your Favorite Podcast App! Rate & review us on apple: Help us reach our goal! 10 million views in YouTube shorts by April 18, 2023! Shorts 10% of All our profits go to operation Underground Railroad to help kids escape sex trafficking! $20 ecookbook! Sweet snacks, gluten sugar and guilt free! Twitter Liberty’s Music on Spotify: --- Send in a voice message:
Wed, August 9, 2023
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