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A show about ordinary people building extraordinary communities. "Get Together" is hosted by the team at People & Company and our correspondents Mia Quagliarello, Maggie Zhang, Marjorie Anderson, and Whitney Ogutu.

Vulnerability is key when connecting fathers 💚 Bruce Muchelule, DADing Different
“The journey is not so much about how many people respond. You can just impact one person and they can impact you back.” - Bruce MucheluleWhen Bruce became a dad, he wasn’t quite sure how to know if he was doing things right. He reached out on Twitter to see if there were any support groups or places for dads to find peer mentorship. He couldn’t find one, but he did receive DMs from many fathers looking for a community like Bruce.DADing Different began as a space for young and first-time dads to exchange notes, share experiences, and support each other on their journeys. Bruce has found vulnerability to be key to meaningful sharing, and he designs the community to encourage that. Too many structures and processes can be off putting for a community. Bruce opts instead for serendipity and asynchronicity in a WhatsApp group.We talked with Bruce about creating a space that is “member-led” not “leader-led” and opting for a small group of engaged, eager members. Highlights, inspiration, & key learnings:You can’t fake the funk. How Bruce started DAD-ing Different.Peer-mentorship. A space to learn together.Watering hole. WhatsApp as a home for conversation and a place to connect 1:1 with other dads.Getting started. Building confidence at the outset of organizing.👋🏻Say hi to Bruce and learn more about DADing Different.✨Say hi to Whitney, “Get Together” correspondent.📄See the full transcript This podcast was created by the team at People & Company. 🔥Say hi! We would love to get to know you.We published GET TOGETHER📙, a handbook on community-building. And we work with organizations like Nike, Porsche, Substack and Surfrider as strategy partners, bringing confidence to how they’re building communities. Hit subscribe🎙 and head over to our website to learn about the work we do with passionate, community-centered organizations.
Mon, April 12, 2021
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