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Learn to write effective prompts for ChatGPT,  Bard, Midjourney, DALLE, and other AI systems.  Also hosting bi-weekly prompt engineering masterminds, where you bring a prompt and we all colaborate to improve it.Each episode we explore prompting techniques, interviews with experts and newbies, and tips on selling your prompts. Released weekly!Let me know who you'd like me to interview at PromptEngineeringPodcast.comKeep in touch:- Translating doctor jargon into regular human English
While at AI4, Wes from How To Talk to AI [ ] and I interviewed the CEO and CTO of They just launched a really cool tool: it turns your jargon-laden doctor's notes into something you can actually understand. You paste text, upload screenshots, whatever you want to do. Try it out yourself! (it's free)Unfortunately our recording systems had a hiccup, so around 11 minutes the audio quality isn't quite as stellar. Still worth listening to for some very interesting points!00:00 Welcome, and we're with HTTA 10:52 Less great audio from here on, sorry!Next mastermind:To attend the next mastermind (no cost), go here: PromptEngineeringMastermind.comStay in touch on:Youtube: artists: my friend Graham created an awesome course called Instant Expert Artists Breakthrough. It'll teach you how to create amazing art with Midjourney.  Sign up at to get 80% off.Support the show
Thu, August 24, 2023
Recap: AI4 Conference Unveils Exciting AI Breakthroughs from Khan Academy and Google
Sorry for the delay! It took me a while to get well enough to start publishing again. Fortunately, I recovered in time to go to the AI4 conference. Here is a quick summary of the best talks. 0:00 Welcome and intro0:15 I'm back, my mental health has improved!0:40 Back from AI4 Conference1:44 Vital, doctor to patient translator2:23 Weather predictions via machine learning2:52 Bias in LLMs3:53 Khan Academy's new tutor bot -- it's amazing!6:06 Contact me if you can teach about Tree of Thought or Constitutional AINext mastermind:To attend the next mastermind (no cost), go here: PromptEngineeringMastermind.comStay in touch on:Youtube: the Show:Prompts I sell on PromptBase: (cover letter generator, event planner, etc)If you sell ChatGPT prompts, get my analysis of all PromptBase's prompts: Use coupon code "podcast" for 10% off!Support the show
Fri, August 11, 2023
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